This week on the Little Fish Podcast, we have JD Hayes, son of Australian racing royalty David Hayes and grandson to the late, great Colin Hayes.

JD shares his journey to running his families 30 million-dollar mega racing facility Lindsay Park.


5:51 Why we get up so early
7:32 Growing up in Hong Kong
12:20 Where the passion for racing began
18:26 How to earn respect at a young age
22:06 Not listening is a handicap
23:50 Racing is not an exact science
27:13 The business side of racing
28:47 Don’t pretend you know the answer
32:23 Sharing the dream
34:16 Breaking dad’s golden rule

Guest Intro

This guy’s family is a huge part of Australia’s Thoroughbred Racing History and once you meet this guy you will agree the future of racing also!!!, they are absolute Aussie royalty!

He spent most of his childhood growing up in Hong Kong, learning the ropes from a young age.

Speaks multiple languages, is a born leader and has captained/coached his footy club all at from a very young age …

Now running, with his siblings, a multi million-dollar business/ horse training facility and …

All by the age of 26! He has a bit on! Get up here JD Hayes!

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