Today, we’re exploring the world of elite performance with Jock Campbell, the mastermind behind Australian cricket’s golden era.

From mentoring Olympians to coaching future champions, Jock’s global expertise is a masterclass in excellence and innovation at the forefront of athlete development.

What’s his secret for turning beginners into world-class athletes?

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00:00 Intro
01:44 Kick-off
02:19 Welcoming Jock Campbell
02:36 Injury & Prioritising Family
03:25 Early Fascination with Anatomy & Sports Science
07:30 Inspiring Journey into Coaching
09:44 Crafting Effective Workouts
10:12 Tips for Runners
11:13 Coaching Eloise Wellings
13:04 The Debate on Zone 2 Running
14:04 RPE vs. Heart Rate Training
17:33 Importance of Enjoyable Sports
22:16 Transition to Cricket
26:03 Cricket Anecdotes: Contracts & Memories
31:48 Origins of Coaching Course
48:44 Encouraging Kids in Sports
51:35 Memorable Australian Cricket Moments
56:30 Outro

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