John Bertrand is a living Australian legend. He skippered Australia II to victory at the 1983 America’s Cup breaking America’s 132-year winning streak – the longest-running sporting streak in modern history. He shares that journey and his since, including a stint as Swimming Australia President when his country needed him most.


06.31 Start of your journey
09.51 Scholarships at MIT
10:35 If you are not on the edge of bankruptcy, you are not trying
12.03 Dreamt of winning the America’s Cup 1974
12.39 When you lost the first one, did you think it was impossible?
13.39 Coming from the world of the Olympics.
15.20 Assembling team
19.03 Believing in the team
21.08 Louis Vuitton Cup.
23:00 Roger Banister 4-minute mile story.
23:55 It’s rigged up.
24.45: Ben Lexcen Keel story.
28:52 Fundraise
30:31 3-1 in 1983 America’s Cup
34:49 Bob Hawke phone call.
37:21 Bob Hawke 1983 America’s Cup advice
39:50 Netflix Race of the century
45:49 Pressure
48:27 The day after the finals
51:45 Becoming president of Swimming Australia
53:49 How to dominate the world
58:19 AI Selection process for Australian Swimming.
01:04:14 Sleeping problems
01:08:14 Walking around the tan with Craig McRae
01:12:27 Find your passion
01:13:49 Walk and talk

Guest Intro

Today’s guest first made waves when he broke America’s 132-year winning streak the
longest-running sporting streak in modern history, skippering Australia to victory at 1983
America’s Cup.

After a decorated yachting career that saw him inducted into the Australian sporting hall of
fame, our next guest, then went on to become President of it, as well as Swimming Australia
and the Alannah and Madeline Children’s Foundation.

A strong entrepreneurial streak also saw him at the helm of companies within the marine,
property development and media industry, with the latter – Quokka Sports – being listed on
the NASDAQ in the US.

He’s a triple-word sailing champion, celebrated entrepreneur, author, philanthropist and star
of the critically acclaimed Netflix documentary untold: The Race of a Century about that
famous race in 1983.

Give it up for John Bertrand.

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