John Quinn has left a lasting mark on Australia’s athletic scene, from mentoring icons like Cathy Freeman to shaping NRL stars like Brian To’o and grooming talents like GWS Giants’ sensation Jack Buckley. In this week’s episode, John shares the secrets behind high performance in sports and life, alongside his journey with spirituality and battling the deadly encephalitis. He also takes us behind the scenes of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, where he was team coach. LFG!

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00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:50 – Introduction to John Quinn
00:02:40 – From Canberra Raiders to Elite Coaching
00:04:41 – Expressing Yourself in Sports
00:08:34 – Spirituality in Athletics
00:13:59 – Moving to the Big Smoke at 20
00:16:25 – Experience with the School of the Air
00:20:29 – Essendon Football Club
00:26:22 – The 2000 Olympics & Cathy Freeman
00:35:35 – Setting up an Opportunity Programme
00:39:22 – Clinical Work and Academic Pursuits
00:41:08 – The Greater Western Sydney Giants
00:41:45 – Surviving Encephalitis
00:48:39 – Team Coach at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics
00:51:16 – Ground Zero
00:56:56 – John & Kimya Yosufi
01:04:11 – Podcast Overview
01:11:03 – What’s Next?

Guest Intro

Today, we welcome John Quinn, a veteran leader in elite coaching. With over 40 years of experience, John has worked with top-tier athletes and coaches across various sports, from track and field to swimming, AFL, and rugby league.

Among his many achievements, John served as the sprints and relay coach for the Australian track and field team at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and mentored Aussie icon Cathy Freeman. He later became High-Performance Manager at the Greater Western Sydney Giants Football Club.

But John’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. In 2014, he faced a daunting diagnosis of Limbic Encephalitis, a rare autoimmune disease. Yet, with unwavering determination, John fought through months of treatment, emerging even stronger and more passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through sports.

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