Explore the world of professional betting with Julian Vallance, a former handicapper turned seasoned expert who trades luck for strategy. From his roots in Ballarat to mastering risk at the betting tables, Julian believes it’s not about the thrill of the bet—it’s about mastering the art of risk. Are you ready to rethink betting?

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00:00 – Intro
00:48 – Julian Vallance: The Handicapper
05:19 – Placing Bets and Riding High
09:12 – Risk and Reward: Navigating Gambling and Addiction
14:35 – Worst Loss You’ve Ever Had!
17:08 – Pursuing a Career in TV
20:18 – Magic or Math?
22:26 – The Future of Betting and AI
25:26 – Behind Foxcatcher Betting
32:31 – What’s Next for Foxcatcher?
37:45 – Staying Ahead: Betting Strategies
40:19 – Footy Betting
45:00 – Julian Breaks Down the Numbers
50:14 – Outro


Welcoming Julian Vallance, an Australian horse racing betting expert who started out in Ballarat and transformed from just another handicapper to a master strategist. For Julian, betting isn’t about the thrill—it’s about truly understanding and managing risk.

As a respected thoroughbred racing analyst, Julian founded Foxcatcher Betting in 2022, leveraging his talents and insights. Tune in for Julian’s expert betting insights, wildest wins, and insider tips. Get ready to see betting in a whole new light with Julian Vallance—this is one episode you won’t want to miss!

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