Katherine Persoglia purchased her first property at the age of nineteen. Two decades later, she’s the founder of Property Before Prada, dedicated to helping women grow their wealth.


6:49 How it all began
10:00 What you want to do when you grow up
10:50 Becoming a mortgage broker
12:03 Family support
13:20 Buying a property at nineteen
16:00 Leadership qualities
19:25 Believe in yourself
24:00 Mindset that separates you from the market
26:28 Educating women
30:08 Other investment interests
36:15 How did you get your first client
40:55 Moment life-changing loan
42:22 Turning point, when did that happen?
44:12 Core values
46:30 Post COVID recovery
47:50 Taking my kids out of private school
53:30 Worried about affordability
58:17 Best advice for audience

Guest Intro

Today’s guest is a self-confessed mortgage-broking-numbers-nerd who’s hooked on helping women grow their wealth.

Heralding from Noosa Heads, she made her first step towards mogul status by purchasing her first property at the ripe old age of 19. Two decades later, she’s the founder of Property Before Prada –  a boutique mortgage broking firm that provides easy to follow, jargon-free advice, masterclass programs, and corporate wellness programs.

She lives by the moto “There’s no harm in splurging on luxuries but it’s important to prioritize investment”, and has well and truly earned her ‘girl boss’ stripes.

Give it up for Katherine Persoglia.

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