Katie MacDonald’s extraordinary journey will leave you speechless, from battling addiction and a career in stripping to becoming an Unshakable Goddess. Today, she is a renowned NLP practitioner, sacred sexuality coach, and therapeutic Yoni massage practitioner. Get ready to be inspired by her wild story of resilience.


0:00 Intro
3:15 Tomato Sauce, Fridge or Cupboard?
6:42 Introducing Katie
8:27 Who is Katie McDonald?
12:01 Hitting Rock Bottom
15:28 Relapse is part of recovery
18:40 Moving On and Finding New Passions
19:36 What is NLP?
28:26 From Passion to Business
30:13 Helping Women
33:57 What do You Do When You Feel Off?
41:28 Sock Talk
42:42 Becoming a Sacred Sexual Coach
50:45 The Fish Tank
57:11 Final Words

Guest Intro

Today’s guest believes we are all meant for more and should be living the life we love.

She is an NLP practitioner, a sacred sexuality coach, a therapeutic Yoni massage practitioner and the founder of Unshakable Goddess.

She’s unapologetic and unafraid to dive deep within herself and the science of the mind.

And she’s about as passionate and energetic of a human as you’ll ever meet.

Lads, they say that magic happens outside of your comfort zone.

If this is true, I’m expecting magical fireworks today.

Give it up for the high-energy and infectious Katie MacDonald.

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