This week on the Little Fish Podcast we have Kelly Cartwright, a multi-world recording-breaking athlete and Paralympic Gold and Silver medallist.

She shares her journey from being diagnosed with rare cancer resulting in having her leg amputated at 15. It’s an incredible story of resilience, family, community, and country. And she is a superstar mum to boot!


4:48 young Kelly
10:48 processing the diagnosis
13:24 two legs to one
16:20 the new normal
17:28 prosthetic process
21:41 the Paralympic quest
24:40 grind for gold
27:39 second amputation
29:54 #1 fans forever
31:57 Paralympic gold
33:46 what’s after gold?
40:36 full circle
42:55 why me
46:05 disability is not a free ticket
48:59 do what makes you happy
52:52 best advice for you

Guest Intro

Today’s guest has an athletic track record that makes the rest of us look like a sack of couch potatoes.

Even after recovering from a rare and aggressive cancer at the tender age of 15.

After being forced to retire her netball bib, our next guest quickly set her sights on stages far more dazzling than the local footy/netball club.

The top spot of a podium, being crowned the best above-knee amputee 100-metre sprinter in the world. Little did she know, sprinting was just the beginning.

She’s a multi-world recording-breaking athlete and powerlifter whose trophy cabinet has its own postcode and a superstar mother to boot!! give it up for Paralympic gold-medal winner Kelly Cartwright.

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