list of property developers in melbourne

This article will be a list of property developers in Melbourne – who we consider the cream of the crop.

At Little Fish, residential property development is our bread and butter. We live and breathe it, day in and day out.

If we didn’t have our finger on the pulse of the comings and goings of the industry, we wouldn’t stay in business very long.

The team likes to keep an eye on what’s going on in our space, so we can keep up to speed on trends and changes.

As well as focusing on our work – top-notch residential development projects, we like to keep track of how other development companies are going.

This article will list the top development companies that we respect and follow closely.

These players vary in size and the type of developments they do. For example, some focus solely on townhouse and multi-unit residential developments as we do at Little Fish.

Others build apartments and mixed-use properties.

It’s worth noting that this list is in alphabetical order, and not the order of who we think is better or worse.

But before we get into the list, we’re going to spend a little bit of time discussing our own business.

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Little Fish – Boutique Property Developers in Melbourne

At Little Fish, we focus on residential subdivisions to build high-quality homes.

We support our clients to maximise the value of their land or to build their wealth by building two or more properties on a lot.

little fish developments

Little Fish pride ourselves on the quality of our work. We don’t like to cut corners just to save a buck.

The company partners with quality builders to ensure that our clients’ new homes are outstanding.

Little Fish also has an extensive network of different players in the field, from wholesale construction suppliers to town planners, lawyers, sales agents and more.

We leverage these relationships to create efficiencies in the development process.

This means we save our clients money while focusing on generating wealth.

Our clients and investors can stay as plugged into the process as they like. They can follow each step carefully in our dedicated portal or remain detached like an “armchair developer”. The choice is theirs.

To check out some of our completed work and work in progress, head over to the featured projects page on our main website.

Now that we’ve spent some time focusing on our company let’s get into the list of property developers in Melbourne.

Accord PG

Accord PG is, like some others on this list, great all-round developers. From residential townhouse to office spaces, they focus on high-end quality and manage their projects from end to end.


They are headed up by Ross Clarke and Scott McVilly. Between them, they have completed fifty projects and have two decades of experience under their belts.

While most of this list features residential developments as highlights, we’d like to mention Accord PG’s 88 Laurens Street in North Melbourne (see below).

88 laurens melbourne

While only in the design stage, this is still looking like it will shape up to be a brilliant commercial development project.


Beck was founded by two experts – Sam Beck and Barry Sheperd, Beck is an award-winning property development company in Melbourne.


With an eye for sublime quality and artistry, they focus on more significant residential developments. Their apartments feature the pinnacle of modern design and luxury.

Their flagship property development is in South East Melbourne in Caulfield Village (see below), a vibrant mixed-use community. Stage one of this project is completed with off the plan sales beginning.

caulfield village

Bensons Property Group

An exceptional developer, Bensons focus on high-end, stylish living. Every project is of pure quality from end to end.


Elias Jreissati AM founded them and has been working hard ever since.

An outstanding project of theirs is Liberty One in Footscray here in Melbourne (see below). This mixed-use development is a fantastic achievement.

liberty one


Based in Carlton, BlueEarth designs modern and stylish apartments for trendy and stylish people. Unlike some developers, they manage the entire development end to end, from site preparation to final sales.

blue earth

United Richmond is a project of theirs worth highlighting (see below). Featuring a striking design, intelligent use of greenery and ample living space, this is a brilliant piece of work.

united richmond melbourne

BPM Corp

Founded by Jonathan Hallinan, BPM brand themselves as a luxury and exotic developer and boy do they match up to that description.


These guys focus on larger-scale residential developments. Think towering apartment blocks in the heart of Melbourne.

A unique highlighted property development project of theirs is Shadow Play in Southbank (see below), close to Melbourne’s CBD.

bpm property developrs

These 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments are eloquent in design with stone, brass and gorgeous crafted timber featuring prominently in each dwelling.

Buxton Group

Boasting forty years of experience in the construction and development industry, Buxton Group focuses on small to medium-sized residential developments.

buxton group

They are a family business, headed up by Richard Buxton.

A flagship project of theirs is Pine Avenue in Elwood (see below).

buxton property developers

This unique and interesting apartment block features stellar design and superior quality.

Canopi Homes

Continuing our list of property developers in Melbourne is Canopi Homes.

Canopi is a similar type of property developer to us here at Little Fish, in that they focus on townhomes.

Unlike us, they tend towards bigger townhome developments. Think 7-10 homes.

They were founded in 2008 by Andrew Evans and Cameron Alderson. They aim to build high-quality homes with a focus on affordability.

One development of theirs that we’d like to highlight is Heath Street in Sandringham (see below).

list of property developers melbourne

These eight dwellings combine contemporary design with classic living style.

Carter Grange

Carter Grange is the odd one out in this list in that they are a construction company first and foremost. However, they also have a subdivision dual occupancy arm which is why they’ve made the cut here.

For a prominent builder, Carter Grange doesn’t sacrifice on quality. They make affordable houses, and they are built well.

They focus on pre-designed homes, which suit some people to a tee.

Their Wategos dual occupancy design is a standout See below).

dual occupancy design

This is an example of a great double-storey townhouse with modern design.

CDG Group

CDG, or Community Development Group, are another great local outfit.


They are managed by Bing XIa, who has his finger on the pulse of the industry and brings excellent sector knowledge to the table.

They also boast an outstanding team of professionals who know their stuff.

CDG specialises in residential developments like apartments and townhouses. But they have ample experience in just about every other form of property as well, making them real all-rounders.

Their flagship project is Summerhill, located in Toorak Road, Camberwell (see below).

cdg property developers

This is a breathtaking four-level apartment complex, with the ground floor a brilliant retail space. The building was designed by award-winning architects Rothe Lowman.


Gurner are CBD specialists. They operate across several states, but the combining factor of all their projects is they are in central business districts – or close to them.


Gurner are dead passionate about inner-city residences. All their apartment blocks are designed to a superior standard of quality and elegance. They make homes that you would be proud to live in.

Albert Place Residences is their flagship for this article (See below).

gurner property developers

A stylish apartment block currently in design, this residence will look out over Albert Park and offer contemporary living at its peak.

Mazzei Projects

We genuinely admire these guys. They have in-depth experience, knowledge and know-how to pull off a project.


They also have a social focus and specialise in community housing – working with government and not-for-profit housing agencies.

Mazzei also partners with leading charities. Of all this list, these guys have the biggest hearts we reckon.

property developer list

A special mention goes to their partnership with Housing Choices Australia.

They are currently building nine townhomes in Wantirna South, designed as affordable housing for the vulnerable. Well done!

Milieu Property

Let’s continue our list of property developers in Melbourne.


Milieu is based in Collingwood. This company focuses on intelligent design in urban development.

They design and build gorgeous residential and mixed-use projects that take into account the local flavour and vibe.

The company was founded by Michael McCormack and Ross Troon in 2010. They both bring extensive experience to the table.

Their highlight for us is Napier Street in Fitzroy (see below).

milieu property developers

This is a stunning collection of homes, inspired by Modernist architecture.

Both nature-inspired and smart, theses homes are well-suited to inner-city professionals.

Modo Builders

Modo Builders are an all-in-one design, development and construction company. They are headed up by Glenn Dornbursh, who is a builder by trade.


This means that they focus on quality, and can oversee the whole build phase because they build it.

This means they don’t compromise on any aspect of their projects.

modo developments

Modo doesn’t like to fit square pegs into round holes. They always assess the local area and design dwellings that fit with the character of the location.

This makes them stand out. Boy have we seen some eyesores in our time, and none of them are Modo homes.


Founded by owner Mima, alongside her late husband, Martin, Piccolo has a solid, 50-year history. This is mammoth. We don’t know another company who has been around this long.


They began as a humble home-builder and have grown into a thriving development company.

Mima still runs the business, alongside her multi-award-winning designer husband, Michael.

Piccolo has a progressive style, and they use it to design affordable yet luxurious homes.

Their standout project is their D1 development (See below).

piccolo property developers

This inner-city sleek apartment residence project features a hospitality space beneath it.

It ticks all the boxes – modern design, beautiful form coupled with superb functionality.


Virgon is another all-rounder design and construction company with a side of property development consultancy.


We appreciate the effort this company puts into their work, and their homes show it 100%.

They were founded in 1995 by two brothers, Renato and John Virgona. Both brothers have sound knowledge and expertise in all things property and construction.

Virgon couples their in-depth knowledge with a solid understanding of real estate trends which has helped them to get ahead.

Like others, they offer pre-designed homes (see their Marque design below), but these come with individual flexibility to suit different clients’ needs.

virgon constructions

They also offer in-house architecture services, which also sets them apart from the pack.

Wrapping Up

Well, there you have it, the cream of the crop of a list of property developers in Melbourne. These are companies at their absolute A-game.

If you want to learn more – check out this article on why building a dual occupancy development makes sense beach-side.

They’re companies you should keep an eye on if you are a first-time property developer.

If you’d like to know more about how to develop residential real estate in Melbourne, reach out to the team at Little Fish.

We’re always happy to talk through anything you might want to know.

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If you have land or some capital that you want to make work for you, we can help you along the way to becoming a property developer.

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