Join us in celebrating 100 episodes! The boys reflect on the unforgettable moments and the wild journey so far. Tune in for laughs, milestones, and a bit of nostalgia as they gear up for the next hundred. Don’t miss this epic centennial celebration. LFG!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:56 – Yeah, the boys!
01:50 – Celebrating 100 Episodes
02:49 – How the Podcast Started
08:43 – The Lessons We’ve Learned Along the Way
15:25 – The Lessons You’ve Learnt Along the Way
22:09 – Big Up Trent!
25:09 – PK’s Reels
30:39 – Little Fish Podcast Run Club
32:23 – What’s Next?
33:12 – Outro


Today, we’re celebrating 100 episodes of the Little Fish Podcast!

Join the boys as they journey down memory lane, revisiting the unforgettable moments, wild adventures, and incredible guests that have made our podcast what it is today. Prepare for laughter, critical lessons, and perhaps a few unexpected twists as we pave the way for the next hundred episodes.

We’ve gathered the entire LTLFSH crew in the studio for a special broadcast to mark the occasion. So, strap in at home and come along for this extraordinary celebration—you won’t want to miss it!

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