Are you looking to sell your properties off the plan in Melbourne and maximise your sales?

In this article, I’m going to share with you our exact five-step marketing plan for residential development projects selling off the plan.

In fact, I’ll be sharing a sixth step at the end which is a legitimate game-changer so make sure you read right through to the end.

It’s no secret that selling off the plan can be tricky. Particularly if you don’t want to take a haircut on price.

This is exactly why you need a bulletproof marketing plan.

If you’re taking the risk and doing all the hard work then it’s critical that you maximise your return on every sale.

And to do this it all comes down to building confidence with your buyers.

Let me walk you through the exact five-step real estate marketing plan we leverage to maximise every one of our sales here at Little Fish.

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1. High-quality 3D Renders

You need to engage a high-quality 3D renders company to provide a full render-set for your project.

Renders are not cheap, especially quality ones but make no mistake, they sell. It really is that simple.

Too many beginner developers try to save money in this area.

Which to me is mind-blowing because it’s these renders that filter through your entire marketing campaign and play a huge part in building confidence with your buyers.

So, don’t skimp on your renders. 

2. Custom Marketing Brochure

The second step is to take your new killer render-set and build out a professional development specific custom marketing brochure.

Something we see as a non-negotiable here at the Little Fish.

We work damn hard to make sure our brochures are professionally designed, printed on the best stock and are full of valuable information about the development.

I know what you’re most likely thinking, “our agents knock up brochures for us”, not good enough. These are almost always sub-par at best.

You need to take on the responsibility of the brochures to ensure the standard and quality is as high as possible.

Remember, how people perceive things will determine how they react to them.

These brochures are an opportunity to show your buyers the level at which you operate and to position your development as the killer development; it no-doubt it.

Luckily you got some killer renders to work with! And don’t forget to include developer floor plans.

3. Watertight Inclusions Documentation

The third step in nailing your developments marketing plan is all about watertight inclusions documentation for your sales agent to leverage along with your killer brochure.

inclusions documentation

For us here at Little Fish, we engage an interior designer to make all of the fixtures, fittings and finishes selections for us and we ask them to include a co-branded “design intent” documentation with our package that we give to the agent.

We think working with quality interior designers that understand what you are trying to achieve can be super beneficial. By beneficial I mean profitable.

4. Mood Boards

For the fourth step. We like to appeal to our buyer’s touch and feel senses by creating either mood boards or mood trays which become more marketing collateral for our agents to leverage.

It gives us another opportunity to position ourselves as the quality developer we are.

For us, we prefer mood trays. It’s just our personal preference as we put a lot of value on the buyers having the ability to pick up and hold the different fixtures and fittings etc.

But either mood boards or trays are fine as with these it’s all about how you execute it.

5. Onsite Marketing Banner

Step number five is all about big bold marketing banners for out onsite.

For all of our residential development sites, we build as big a hoarding as we can in the most prominent spot possible and then design a custom banner to suit leveraging those killer renders again.

Buyers being able to see the project rise out of the ground and come to life directly behind a nice crisp render impression of the project if done correctly is a sight to behold.

And we’ve found get buyers excited and gives them great confidence.

For us, if we are too early in a project to provide that kind of experience. Agents can send our potential buyers to other sites that are further down the track for the full experience. Something we have found to be priceless.

For those keen to take their marketing plan to the next level I’ve got a sixth step.

This one requires commitment and a fair amount of resources. But it will pay you back in spades if you get it right.

6. Live Project Blog Post

Maintaining a live blog post for your residential development project is the next level you can take your marketing plan.

live blog post

The live blog post will become a central hub for your project. It is where your awesome real estate agent can send potential buyers to follow along with the project’s process.

Including regular images and construction updates from out onsite. And anything else you can think of related to the project that can add value and give confidence to your potential buyers.

It’s all about being transparent and being on the front foot from beginning to end. Something we have found to be massive for us here at Little Fish.

Most of these marketing plan steps are executed early in your development lifecycle. So you can chip away at them prior to launching your sales campaign.

Making it’s less of a mountain to climb when it comes time to launch.

Wrapping Up

development project managers

So, there you go, a six-step marketing plan for residential property development you can leverage for your own project. If you aren’t sure if you should sell your townhouses or hold them, check out this video breaking down the pros and cons.

That said, if you have any questions or are looking for someone to project manage the entire project on your behalf, don’t hesitate to give us a call 1300 799 277, we’d love to hear from you.