We’re wading straight into a detailed analysis of 17 Shrewsbury Street, Bentleigh East, VIC. Guru Gav delineates the unticked boxes crucial in feasibility studies that could help you master property development. Claire offers an exclusive firsthand look at captivating floor plans and moody interiors at Summit Ave, Hampton East, VIC. Tap in for development tactics proven to supercharge your profits!

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00:00 Episode Overview
01:51 Site Insiders
04:41 17 Shrewsbury Street, Bentleigh East, VIC
08:13 Site Analysis
11:03 Feasibility Studies
19:48 The Unticked Box: What You Need to Know
25:06 Recap of Site Insiders
29:01 Project Snapshot
31:00 23 Summit Ave, Hampton East, VIC
36:10 Floor Plans
41:21 Exploring Moody Interiors
47:45 The Big Question

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