From personal challenges to building a branding empire. In this episode, Matt Purcell shares his secrets to defying the odds and transforming adversity into a powerhouse of success.

He breaks down the pivotal moments and decisions that propelled him to the forefront of the branding world. A tale of resilience and strategy that you want to take advantage of, it’s an episode filled with life-changing insights.

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00:01:53 – Getting Started
00:02:57 – Meet Matt Purcell, the Brand Sensei
00:03:42 – Navigating Identity
00:06:06 – Understanding Resilience and Its Importance
00:11:32 – Embarking on the Entrepreneurial Journey
00:15:51 – The Power of Likability
00:22:31 – Standing Up Against Bullying
00:26:44 – Martial Arts and Confidence Building
00:28:51 – Principle-Driven Actions and Resilience
00:33:03 – Combatting Disinformation
00:34:50 – Unveiling the Secrets of Personal Branding
00:40:00 – House of Personal Branding: Tips & Tricks
00:49:51 – The Messenger Behind the Message
26:03 Cricket Anecdotes: Contracts & Memories
00:55:51 – Personal Branding Wisdom from the Sensei
00:57:51 – Success Stories
01:10:51 – Wrapping Up the Insights

Guest Intro

Today, we’re excited to host Matt Purcell, a man who has redefined the essence of branding and personal development.

Born in South Korea and raised amidst challenges, Matt overcame adversity to become an influential figure in Australia’s branding and entrepreneurial landscape.

Founding KYU Media and co-founding the Business Academy with Boost’s Janine Allis, he’s reshaped business narratives and ignited exponential growth.

What fuelled Matt’s journey from adversity to award-winning success?

Stick around as we uncover Matt’s inspiring journey.

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