Guru Gav and Pete study a prime development site. Gav provides a detailed feasibility analysis, exploring the site’s benefits and challenges, including its proximity to top school zones and local amenities. He investigates comparison sales, demonstrating how comps could impact your project’s potential. Tune in for expert-led tips and MAXIMISE your investment! LFG!

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00:00 – We’re Changing it Up
00:21 – What’s in Store Today
00:42 – Site Insiders
01:55 – Project Bayview Street, Williamstown, VIC
06:44 – Site Surroundings
09:10 – Top School Zones
10:07 – Exact Measurements
11:39 – Winning in Williamstown
12:12 – Feasibility Study
14:27 – Comparing Comps
19:31 – Site Analysis Overview
21:08 – See You Next Time, Gav!
21:35 – Outro

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