Pete returns with another round of ‘Site Insiders,’ revealing pivotal decisions behind a strategic site purchase in this week’s episode on maximising townhouse development profits.

Plus, don’t miss our latest ‘Project Snapshot’ with Gav. This week, we welcome Claire, who unpacks some floor designs, concluding with valuable insights. It’s your weekly snapshot of industry info, topical discussions, and insider insights.

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00:00:00 – Welcome!
00:00:21 – Episode Preview
00:00:47 – School Zones Discussion
00:02:07 – Siteinsider Insights with Guru Gav
00:02:46 – Property Analysis: 88 Gilles Street, Fairfield
00:08:17 – Feasibility Check
00:13:14 – Summary
00:14:33 – Project Snapshot with Claire
00:16:53 – Floor Plan Review: 88 Gilles Street, Fairfield
00:16:53 – Ground Floor Overview
00:23:12 – Second Floor Overview
00:24:55 – Ground Floor Planning Details
00:25:38 – Pool Addition
00:29:26 – Upstairs Planning Phase Two
00:31:23 – Facade Examination
00:34:05 – Steps Adjustment
00:35:47 – Study Area Discussion
00:42:09 – Conclusion

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