Let’s go! Join the boys as they sit down in the heart of Barwon Heads with Megan Rovers, the powerhouse Director of Geelong Property Hub and Armstrong Real Estate. With a decade reshaping Geelong’s real estate market and a background in law and accounting, Megan’s not just running the show—she’s rewriting the script.

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00:00 – Intro
00:46 – Jak Evans: At the Heads
04:46 – Welcome, Megan Rovers!
05:40 – Early Life Insights
08:27 – Property Career After Uni
11:35 – The Creation of Armstrong Real Estate
18:33 – Hard-Earned Lessons in Real Estate
23:09 – How to Scale a Business Successfully
25:35 – Thriving as a Woman in Business
29:39 – Strategic Expansion: Buying Lara Real Estate
32:44 – Mastering Leadership in Business
39:35 – The Real Impact of Google Reviews
42:40 – COVID’s Effect on Real Estate in Geelong
47:47 – What’s Next? Megan’s Plans for More!
49:40 – Shout Out Megan’s Old Man
50:48 – Outro


We are back with a special guest who’s been making waves in the real estate world—Megan Rovers. With a background in law and accounting, Megan isn’t just playing the game; she’s changing it.

She’s the Director of Armstrong Real Estate and has spent the last decade shaking up Geelong’s property market. Megan’s story is about breaking barriers and setting new standards, from her early days and career journey after university to creating Armstrong Real Estate and expanding into Lara.

Press play for Megan’s hard-earned lessons in real estate, how she scaled her business, and what it’s like to thrive as a woman in the industry. Plus, learn the real impact of Google reviews and how COVID-19 affected Australia’s housing market.

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