In this very first episode of the Little Fish Podcast, Mike Bird shares his journey from discovering social media and Bitcoin in the early 2000s through co-founding the empire.

He talks about never quitting, diversifying for the future and of course, he shares his insights on the Australian property market and where he thinks it is headed.


00:26 Introduction
05:22 How it began – our first business
09:14 The mindset of never quitting
11:21 Business is driving in the dark
13:11 Get comfortable with things going badly
15:58 Enjoy this moment but prepare for the fall
18:12 From Social Garden to Urban
25:28 The lowest point
34:57 Diversifying for The Future
37:54 Best Employer – it’s about the people
42:10 Let’s talk property
42:52 How to process impending (potential) doom
53:20 The biggest challenge
54:05 Money isn’t enough – Igniting Change
58:08 Where property is going

Guest Intro

Today’s guest … Is an entrepreneur at heart. He is the CEO of Australia’s largest online marketplace for new property. He was an early investor in Australia’s number one nano gifting business.

And has been voted Australia’s coolest employee. He is passionate about effecting positive change and works alongside philanthropic royalty.

He manages distributed teams all over the globe and he is a member of one of the world’s most exclusive leadership organisations.

To put it simply this guy is an absolute winner, and we are honoured to have him on.

Give it up for Urban CEO Mike Bird. Let’s get into it!

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