Join Mike Toner, event mastermind and founder of Thick as Thieves, as he takes us behind the scenes of Australia’s iconic Revolver Nightclub. Discover his journey of throwing the country’s best parties while simultaneously raising $800k for the Fred Hollows Foundation and restoring the sight for 30,000 people. All shot in front of the infamous Revolver cage.

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0:00 Welcome to the Revolver Melbourne
7:04 Introducing Mike Toner
10:45 Who is Mike Toner?
17:35 Breaking Down Thick as Thieves
19:22 Marketing BEFORE Social Media
22:00 How Have Music Genres Evolved Over Time?
26:22 The First Rainbow Serpent Collaboration
27:49 The Challenges of the Business
35:15 Managing Risk
37:53 The Growing Pains of Scaling a Business
43:20 Philanthropy and Fred Hollows Foundation
48:11 Quick as Thieves, Giving Back
58:14 Running a Marathon with a Blindfold
1:07:52 The Fish Tank
1:13:20 Mike’s Upcoming Events
1:15:09 Final words

Guest Intro

This week’s guest moved to Australia from Ireland in his mid-twenties.

He’s a former DJ, record store owner, turned touring agent, and event promoter.

And is responsible for some of the best parties this city has ever seen. Facts.

In the process, he has raised over 800k for the Fred Hollows Foundation, restoring the sight of over 30 thousand people.

He basically holds the keys to Australia’s most iconic dance music venue, the legendary Revolver.

Where we just happen to be shooting from today – in front of the infamous cage.

Here to raise the vibration. A legend of the Melbourne dance music scene.

And founder of the iconic Thick as Thieves touring and events agency.

Give it up for Mike Toner, aka Irish Mike.

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