11 Milford Street, Newport

11 milford street newport

Milford Street, Newport is another project we at the fish are super excited about. It’s a large corner block that has been approved for three large four bedroom, three bathroom dwellings. Construction is underway.

Interior Design

Interior design for the project has been done by Dani Wales and Ashlee Moyle over at Red Door Project, “the proposed look and feel for 11 Milford Street, Newport is one of warmth, luxury, ease of living and a feeling of simplicity” Dani Wales.

We simply can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

Sales Enquiries

This project was completed end of October 2019. All properties were sold off the plan prior to completion.

Completed Images

11 milford street 1
11 milford street 2
11 milford street 3
11 milford street 4
11 milford street 5
11 milford street 6
11 milford street 7
11 milford street 8
11 milford street newport


35 mount street altona living
11 Milford bathroom
11 Milford facade

Construction Updates

23.10.2019 - project complete.

Previous Updates

09.10.2019 - in the last week. All buyers expected to receive keys to their new dwellings early next week.
26.09.2019 - front paths have have been concreted, landscaping all but done and final internal fit off and commissioning is underway.
11.09.2019 - Timber flooring is underway, new fencing complete and landscaping up next.
02.09.2019 - Fit-off started, painting looking good, joinery and stone complete.
19.08.2019 - Tiling and joinery well underway.
11.07.2019 - internal plastering complete, facade all but complete only painting to go.
24.06.2019 - internal rough in all but complete, external painting underway.
12.06.2019 - second floor rendering complete and internal rough in almost complete.
21.05.2019 - internal fix underway, plastering within the next week or two.
24.04.2019 - the roofing is on, all but finished. Second floor external cladding underway.
11.04.2019 - Roofing detail and external painting underway.
03.04.2019 - Scaffolding is up ready for the external cladding which is expected to stat tomorrow.
26.03.2019 - work underway on the roof detail. Scaffolding going up in prep for external cladding.
13.03.2019 - first floor frames are done and the roof trusses are on. Next comes the roofing.
27.02.2019 - first floor frames are almost up.
21.02.2019 - the first floor flooring is down and the first floor frames are about to go up.
12.02.2019 - posi struts are in, second floor works are underway.
23.01.2019 - brickies are done, first floor frames set to commence next week.
16.01.2019 - windows are in, the steel is being installed n the brickies are underway.
20.12.2018 - first floor framing is done. Posi struts first cab of the rank in the new year.
12.12.2018 - framing is well and truly underway, finishing the year out onsite like a steam train.
07.12.2018 - slabs are completed and the framing has started.
23.11.2018 - formwork + slab structural steel underway with the slab pour expected early next week.
15.11.2018 - underground plumbing is complete, formwork and slab preparation is now underway.
30.10.2018 - plumbers digging out the drains, breaking through the rock.
22.10.2018 - the builder has officially started onsite. Demo is completed.

Progress Shots

86. facade 11.07.19
91. Plaster 11.07.19
milford 1 24.06.2019
milford 24.06.2019
milford 2 24.06.2019
80 Facade 28.05.2019
mount dual occ
mount dual occupancy
11 milford
milford roof detail 11.04.2019
scaffold 1 03.04.2019
roof trusses 12.03.2019
roof milford newport
milford 11 newport
second storey 11 milford
poses milford
build 11 milford
milford frame 1
crane milford 26
steel 1
frame new
frame 28
frame 27
milford 11 slab
slab prep milford
milford hoarding
demo newport
demo newport 1
demo milford 2
milford original house

Floor Plans

milford floor plans
milford floor
milford floor plans 1

Meet the Builder

The builder for this project was Arpaci Constructions which is a family business with over 20 years experience. At Arpaci they understand the importance of a family home and work closely with the Little Fish team to provide all our buyers with unparalleled service.

Together we strive to deliver every project to the highest of standards to ensure every buyer has the opportunity to enjoy the experience of purchasing their brand new dream new home.

Property Brochure


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