Danny Hayes, the fearless Million Dollar Bogan, conquers Bolivia’s treacherous Death Road, solo and on his Harley Davidson! Hear his gutsy tales of bravery, survival, and unmatched fortitude. This packed episode will inspire, astonish, and leave you in awe. Prepare to have your mind blown.

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00:00 New Morning Routines
07:34 Danny Hayes Introduction
11:24 Bolivian “Death Road”
17:56 How He Records His Travels
19:41 Highs and Lows of the Trip
24:59 The People Along the Way
27:48 Why Does He Do It?
31:41 Why It’s Called the “Death Road.”
34:37 Your Second Life
36:36 What’s His Secret?
40:32 Riding in Solitude
43:10 The Big Book of AA
46:48 Does Money Buy Happiness?
47:51 What Makes You Happy?
50:53 Danny’s Diet
52:57 Dealing the Negativity
59:43 The Fish Tank
1:04:05 Final Words

Guest Intro

Today’s guest is among the hottest reality stars ever to grace our TVs.

He is a co-founder of HayesWinkle Real Estate.

And is known as the Million Dollar Bogan to his 150 thousand cult-like YouTube followers. He’s also our first-ever reoccurring guest.

The last time he joined us, he told us he would risk his life and ride his Harley across the notorious Bolivian Death Road – completely solo and unassisted.

Well, he has done it and lived to tell the story. We could not be more pumped to have him back on the show to unpack all of that and more.

Ladies and gentlemen – welcome back the man who gives no fucks, Danny Hayes.

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