The Boys expose the truth about the moon landing, discuss the terrifying potential of Ai and deepfakes and have an eye-opening conversation about ChatGPT and what that might mean for business and society moving forward.

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1:09 Hollywood buying his new property
10:24 Welcome to the Show
11:30 Was The Moon Landing Faked?
24:24 Was 9/11 Faked?
27:20 Facts Then VS Now
28:51 Are We In The Matrix?
29:02 UFO Sightings
31:30 Deep Fakes
34:34 AI and GPTCHat Will Take Over
44:35 The Wrap-Up

Guest Intro

Today is a boys-only episode so there was no official introduction rather some pre-amble then straight into the hot topics of the moon landing being fake, ChatGPT and artificial intelligence and the danger of deepfakes.

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