This week we have a boy’s episode with a twist. It’s been dubbed Little Fish and Friends, where we invite personal friends onto the pod to unpack their businesses, sharing their biggest wins, most significant challenges, and best advice. The first cab off the rank is Tomas Jajesnica, known around the corporate traps as Mr Meditate.


0:00 The King’s Coronation
3:36 PK gets COVID
8:18 A Boys Episode with a Twist
12:01 Show Announcement
18:07 Everybody’s Favorite Episodes
20:54 Get to Know Marcus
28:34 Benny’s News
32:46 Little Fish and Friends
34:38 The Story Behind the Idea
41:33 The Idea is Born
43:32 Starting the Business
46:27 Getting the First Client
48:35 Pricing the Product
50:30 What’s Next?
52:45 Getting Feedback from Clients
53:35 The Hardest Thing in Building the Business
55:59 Starting a New Business
1:00:17 Finding the Why
1:04:31 Two Types of Happiness
1:09:30 Final Words / Outro

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