Nathan Buckley is considered one of the best AFL players of all time and a Collingwood Football Club legend. We discuss footy and his philosophy on life and business.

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02:14 Introducing Nathan Buckley
04:30 Accolades, and The Best Representation of Who Nathan Buckley Is
05:20 Nathan’s Upbringing and Parent’s Influence
10:00 Differences Between Generations and Parenting Approaches
11:15 Nathan Buckley AFL Football Career and a Shift or Softening in His Approach
15:30 From Self-Centred to Helping Others
17:00 Goals and Staying on Course
18:50 Wanting to be the Hero but Learning to be the Guide. Understanding Yourself.
20:38 What Things Are Important to Be a Good Leader?
28:22 Who are the Great Leaders You’ve Played With or Played Under?
32:57 Authenticity and Catalyst for Change Moments
37:45 Finding Peace with Lost Loved Ones and Family Relationships
40:55 Making a Difference With Small Gestures, Without Expectations
42:22 The Value of Friendship
44:00 The Difference a Coach Can Make and Hold You to Account
46:55 Why Don’t We Hold Mates to Account and Creating Good Habits
49:15 Why Won’t You Get Back into Coaching?
51:45 How Did You Deal with the Pressure of the Coaching Job?
57:00 String of Bad Luck and Collingwood 2016 Drug Testing Scandal
1:03:44 Best #5 Collingwood Players
1:08:50 Life Lessons
1:11:26 Thanks and Next Mission

Guest Intro

Today’s guest is regarded as one of the best AFL players of all time.

Achieved the 1993 Rising Star Award, 2002 Norm Smith Medal, 2003 Brownlow, 6 Copeland Trophies, Collingwood’s B&F, 7 All-Australian Team selections, and he’s been inducted into the Collingwood Hall of Fame. He’s got more accolades than years in the game!

Beginning his AFL career as a Brisbane Bear, snagging the ‘Rising Star’ in his first year in 1993, he went on to captain and eventually coach Australia’s biggest sporting club – Collingwood.

These days you can catch him walking the tan when he isn’t commentating for channel seven.

Give it up for Nathan Buckley.

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