Nick Bell is a serial entrepreneur known for his sharp business acumen amassing a net worth of $274 million. He was a co-host on Celebrity Apprentice and founder of WME, Appscore, Removify, and First Page Digital, to name a few. He shares his journey to becoming the multimillionaire business mogul he is today.

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01:36 Settlement Day / Manifesting
07:15 Introducing Nick Bell
09:26 Nick Bell WME and First Page
15:15 Going to London
18:01 Working with A Players
19:50 Building the Dream Team
21:59 Selling the Business
25:25 Earning Millions
27:30 Family Life
29:49 Nick’s Secret to Success
36:32 Removify
44:05 Should You Chase the Niche?
46:19 Celebrity Apprentice
53:30 Nick Bell – How He Does It
56:50 What Nick Invests In
1:00 Advice for Business Owners & Final Words

Guest Intro

Today’s guest went from having $400 in his back pocket to being worth a whopping $274 million dollars and founding no less than thirteen companies along the way.

His career went from selling school lunches as a kid to selling search marketing services in his twenties to then selling that same business for $39 million in 2017.

Today, he’s the Managing Director of the digital agency group, Superist and the man behind WME Group, First Page, Mooning, Primal, Appscore, and Removify –to name a few.

He is also an advisor along with Australian business royalty Janine Allis on Celebrity Apprentice.

He’s not afraid of failure, but he’s famous for success. 9.55

Give it up for serial Aussie entrepreneur Nick Bell.

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