Get ready to meet the king of luxury cars, Nick Theodossi. Dominating the prestigious car market for over 50 years, Nick’s journey from humble beginnings in Coburg, VIC, to overcoming debt and battling depression is nothing short of extraordinary. Curious about his ride of choice? LFG!

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00:00:00 – Let’s Begin the Ride!
00:00:58 – Welcome the King of Luxury Cars!
00:01:55 – Growing up Greek in Coburg, VIC
00:08:20 – The Early Spark of Entrepreneurial Drive
00:13:35 – Lessons from the Ground Up
00:17:42 – Don’t Let the Old Man In
00:22:41 – Nick Theodossi Prestige Cars Early Life
00:29:34 – The Good Old Days
00:33:08 – Risk Appetite
00:41:16 – Tales From Working in Sydney
00:45:40 – Wholesale Car Dealing in Melbourne
00:46:12 – Life Lessons
00:49:30 – How to be the Best Prestigious Car Salesman
00:58:00 – What’s Important in Your Business?
1:00:07 – Personal Brand Vs. Business Brand
1:03:24 – Nick’s Favourite Cars
1:05:10 – Collingwood FC: Memorable Moments
1:12:39 – Men’s Mental Health
11:19:20 – Smart Investing
11:26:21 – What Cars are Trending?
11:27:26 – Episode Summary

Guest Intro

Today, we’re excited to welcome Nick Theodossi, a titan in luxury cars and the founder of Nick Theodossi Prestige Cars.

Celebrating over 50 years in the industry, Nick turned a deep passion for prestige vehicles into a renowned empire catering to Australia’s elite. His rise from modest beginnings to prominence in the luxury car market is a story of perseverance and unmatched customer service.

But what’s the secret behind his enduring success and excellence? Join us as we uncover the legend of high-end luxury automobiles, Nick Theodossi.

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