Louis & Gabe are fitness experts and hosts of the wildly successful NineToFive fitness podcast. They share all their secrets to their mind-blowing success and break down exactly what you need to do to create a healthier, better life and live your dreams.

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05:10 – Luis and Gabe Introduction
09:47 – How They Met
10:43 – How NinetoFive Fitness started
14:33 – The Mission
18:33 – Branding of NinetoFive Fitness
20:23 – Starting from Zero
23:51 – Free Training Program
25:13 – Louis Phillips Graining A Massive Following
27:04 – Loving to Run
29:00 – A Day In the Life
32:44 – Content Creation Burn-out
34:24 – Dealing with Fame
37:47 – NinetoFive Fitness Mech
41:33 – Future Goals
45:50 – Colabs & Brand Deals
51:34 – Dream Podcast Cast
56:37 – The Fish Tank
1:04:30 – Last Words

Guest Intro

Today we are running not one but two guest’s lads.

Both are experts in the field of fitness, have a passion for finance and embody the entrepreneurial spirit.

They specialise in scientifically backed training and nutrition strategies for busy Nine to Fivers. They treat the gym like a numbers game, achieving foolproof results.

They’ve both also blown up on the socials like no other and are undoubtedly clocking the fitness and wellness game.

So, get ready to join the natty swole patrol.

Give it up to fellow podcasters, best mates, and hosts of the wildly successful NineToFive fitness podcast Louis & Gabe

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