This week on the Little Fish Podcast we have Olivia Carr, the founder and CEO of Aussie retail empire Shhh Silk, a premium silk brand trusted by the likes of the Kardashians, Miranda Kerr and Tom Brady just to name a few. She shares her journey from the brink of financial disrepair to the pinnacle of business. All with one aim – to give back. Not to be missed


00:06:32:13 Oliver’s origin
00:09:51:07 wake up call
00:11:01:12 falling pregnant at 19
00:14:14:02 chip on the shoulder
00:11:57:15 success is not a number
00:21:20:26 Carr’s corporate career (it sucked)
00:24:10:14 bye bye corporate work
00:21:21:29 taking on the world while raising a daughter
00:32:01:25 understanding mental health
00:31:18:22 taking the leap
00:41:18:10 eye opening moment
00:44:51:29 keeping up with the Kardashian’s
00:56:57:13 Kardashian exposure
00:57:48:26 bigger is not always better
01:00:33:31 not making money from a $50 million business
01:01:42:09 autheticity down to the bone
01:04:55:19 cash is king
01:08:20:11 Olivia’s best advice for you
01:09:45:27 favourite quote
01:14:38:11 sharing secrets of the past

Guest Intro

Who knew a misplaced pillowcase would mark the beginning of a career at the helm of an Aussie retail empire? Today’s guest certainly didn’t.

With more than 15 years of entrepreneurial success under her belt, she’s put all thoughts of failure to bed long ago and has been enjoying a lengthy stint as a CEO, entrepreneur, GM and committed philanthropist ever since.

Heralding from Cambridge in England, it’s fair to say this brit has bitten off her fair share of success Down Under. Give it up for the Founder of Australia’s silkiest sleep, wellness and beauty brand, Olivia Carr.

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