Building Futures, Empowering People: The Faces Behind Our Success

At Little Fish, we don’t just build first-class developments; we build a culture of excellence driven by our extraordinary team. Our people are our pride – a collective of elite operators, A-players, and industry rockstars who bring passion and expertise to every project.

Our commitment to excellence is mirrored in every team member, making our service unparalleled and personal. Our people are not just our strength; they are our promise of quality and your assurance of a seamless experience.

Our People

Peter Kelly

CEO & Co-founder

Ben Drohan

CMO & Co-founder

Mark Walkley

Head of Strategy

Claire Kelly

Head of Projects

Gavin Keitel

Head of Acquisitions

Bon Sombat

Head of Digital Content

Leen Vyas

Chief of Staff

Jake Orlando

Project Manager

Matthew Secatore

Project Manager

Sashya Hetigoda

Project Coordinator

Marcus Bruce

Project Coordinator

Daniella Romero

Project Coordinator

Alex Kyriakopoulos

Project Administrator

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