The Boys’ Inspiring Year in Review and Extreme Water Fast | Final Ep. 2023

by Peter Kelly |
water fast little fish podcast

The boys commit to a three-day water fast, reflect on the year that was, recall the incredible guests, trips, and experiences, and work on developing new segments for Season Three in 2024. Timestamps 00:58:11 Intro03:30:17 Wrapping Up the Year04:40:12 Fasting Benefits15:23:11 Welcome to the Podcast15:45:02 2023 Achievements and Favorite Guests29:23:08 Upcoming Changes to Segments30:40:23 NewContinue Reading

How a Chef Built a $180 Million Empire – The Frank Greeff Story!

by Peter Kelly |
frank greeff little fish podcast

Frank Greeff, once a humble chef, now the mastermind behind a $180 million empire he sold to Damain, joins the boys as they unpack his extraordinary journey. From culinary arts to revolutionising real estate with RealBase, Frank’s story of ambition, innovation, and success is epic. Get around it! Timestamps 0:01:26 Intro0:02:10 Getting Hit On aContinue Reading

LTLFSH and Friends #4 – Bryce Barker from JBM Building Group

by Peter Kelly |
jbm group little fish podcast

Today’s friend is an original builder for Little Fish Properties. Bryce Barker and his brothers, the founders of JBM Group, are among Melbourne’s most reliable and high-quality builders. Having been in the business for a long time, they have accomplished some great things. So make sure to stick around for that. Timestamps 01:24:07 Intro01:52:07 IntroducingContinue Reading

From AFL Legend to Media Megastar: The Daisy Pearce Story

by Peter Kelly |
daisy pearce little fish podcast

Daisy Pearce is an AFL icon and legend of the game. With an unmatched list of achievements, she’s conquered a world that said she couldn’t. We had the honour of unpacking her legendary story. When you love something enough, anything is possible. Let’s get it! Timestamps 0:00 Intro / PK’s Man Cave6:07 Introducing Daisy Pearce8:14Continue Reading

The Unbelievable Journey of Gus Balbontin: From Patagonia to Tech Titan

by Peter Kelly |
gus balbontin little fish podcast

Gus Balbontin: A small-town Patagonia boy who climbed the ranks at global tech giants like Google, Nokia, and Amazon. From mischief-maker to leading Lonely Planet’s innovations, discover how Gus reshapes the future and inspires others to dream big. Timestamps 5:02 Introducing Gus Balbontin7:08 How He Found His Dreams11:03 Setting off for Adventure17:17 Journey to LonelyContinue Reading

Discover the $4 Hangover Game-Changer with Bae Juice Founders!

by Peter Kelly |
bae juice little fish podcast

Unpack the magic of Bae Juice with its creators, Tim O’Sullivan & Liam Gostenik. Discover the genius behind this $4 miracle fruit-juice, scientifically proven to reduce hangovers. These guys are absolute legends. They’ve been on a wild ride – let’s get into it! Timestamps 0:28 Season 3 Rumors3:42 Quick Thank You4:40 Introducing Liam and TimContinue Reading

Building a $600 Million Streetwear Empire with Simon Beard | Culture Kings

by Peter Kelly |
simon beard culture kings

Co-founder of Culture Kings, Simon Beard turned humble market beginnings into a $600 million streetwear empire. Catch this thrilling episode as we delve into his audacious risks and bold moves, building a cult following with clientele like Snoop Dog, Drake, and Bieber. Hear about the moment he almost became a Billionaire and what happened next!Continue Reading

LTLFSH and Friends #3 – with Adam Gillat from Bundoora Boat Upholstery

by Peter Kelly |
bundoora boar upholstery

This week, we’re excited to bring you the third instalment of LTLFSH and Friends. We’re featuring Adam Gillat from Bundoora Boat Upholstery. Founded over 40 years ago, this company is one of Australia’s leading boating service providers. What’s the secret behind their longevity and reputation? Tune in to find out! Timestamps 7:42 Welcome to LittleContinue Reading

From Pro Athlete to Tech Giant: The Tristan Sternson Story

by Peter Kelly |
tristan sternson little fish podcast

Tristan Sternson: Pro athlete-turned-tech mogul shares his meteoric rise with Melbourne IT, culminating in a $290 million acquisition. Delve into the mind of one of Australia’s most successful tech entrepreneurs. A masterclass in business and innovation. Timestamps 6:40 Welcome, Tristan Sternson8:32 What is Cryo Therapy10:46 Growing Up an Athlete14:29 The Traumatic Race16:47 Going into Business18:28Continue Reading