Andrew Mackinnon on Building Australia’s Most Cutting-edge Advertising Agency Taboo After Losing Everything

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andrew mackinnon little fish podcast

This week on the Little Fish Podcast, we welcome Andrew Mackinnon founder and CEO of Taboo Group. One of Australia’s boldest and most cutting-edge advertising agencies for a world that hates advertising. Taboo Group has been the birthplace to out-of-box, envelope-pushing ideas for some of the world’s biggest brands such as Nike, Schweppes and NAB justRead More

Danielle Pelly on Building Luxury Fashion Brand Ena Pelly & How They Are Using Plastic Bottles to Change the Game

danielle pelly little fish podcast

This week on the Little Fish Podcast, we welcome Danielle Pelly founder of Australian luxury fashion brand Ena Pelly who are taking over the fashion game on the back of recycled plastic bottles and faux fur coats. Subscribe on YouTube: Click here Timestamps 5:43 Danielle always loved fashion and business11:02 The first big risk17:18 TheRead More

Sabri Suby on Building Australia’s Largest Digital Marketing Agency King Kong & Generating 1.3 Billion in Sales

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sabri suby little fish podcast

This week on the LF podcast we have Sabri Suby, founder of Australia’s fastest growing digital marketing company King Kong. Generating more than 1.3 billion in sales in the process. He’s an author, founder, salesman, speaker, and self-appointed internet overlord. Subscribe on YouTube: Click here Timestamps 3:49 Origin Story9:51 How most business are started…. (The wrongRead More

Michael Ramsey on Building the Number One F45 Studio on the Planet & How Strong Pilates is Now Taking Over

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This week on the podcast, we have Michael Ramsey. He was the franchise owner of the number one F45 studio on the planet and is Co-Founder and CEO of the world’s fastest-growing Pilates studio, Strong Pilates. Subscribe on YouTube: Click here Timestamps 5:07 Getting our heads around pilates6:07 Who is Ramsay?7:00 Innate Entrepreneurship8:21 Nightclubs to F4512:34Read More

Kate Save on Her Journey from Knocking on Deaths Door to Becoming the Queen of Rapid Weight Loss – Via Shark Tank!

kate save little fish podcast

Today’s guest on the Little Fish Podcast is Kate Save a practising dietitian. An accredited exercise physiologist a diabetes educator and an award-winning entrepreneur. She is an absolute savage businesswoman having co-founded Be Fit Food. Australia’s leading dietitian and doctor-designed meal provider. Put simply, she is the queen of rapid weight loss. Subscribe on YouTube:Read More

Scott Didier on How Rockstars Took His Business From 12 Million to 800 Million Turnover and Talks Securing the Exclusive License to Nike Australia.

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scott didier little fish podcast

This week on the podcast, we talk to entrepreneur and business mogul, Scott Didier. His company, Johns Lyng Group, now turns over circa $850M, achieving compounded growth of 25% pa over the last 18 years. Get ready to walk away with invaluable business advice from a guy who’s been acquiring and selling businesses for years.Read More