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At the end of the day, we’re a business podcast. We’re focused on helping our watchers succeed and thrive in their chosen sector. That’s why we have our Big Fish guests who come on and are ready to share their stories with our audience. We’re proud to have our guests come and share themselves with us and our audience.

In this business section, you’ll hear from top class business people from a variety of different industries. Sometimes, there are more than sixty decades of business knowledge in the room between our guests and our Little Fish hosts. This is served up on a digital plate for you to tuck in and learn. So put that metaphorical napkin on because, in this section, you’re getting served up the goods.

We’ll hear and learn from CEOs, chairpeople, COOs and other C level executives at the top of their game. Furthermore, we’ll chat with serial entrepreneurs who just can’t stop launching startups and learn everything there is to know about starting up a company.

Learn Strategies

In addition to this, you’ll learn about strategies, including scaling, generating growth, adapting to upscaling, and creating a peak culture in your business that will generate wealth while keeping staff engaged and happy.

Furthermore, in this podcast topic, you’ll learn tips and tricks about marketing, sales, business project management and productivity.

So, click through this section and hear what our Big Fish guests have to say. We absolutely guarantee that you’ll see and hear something useful that you can apply in your own life.

Nick Theodossi: Reigning Over Australia’s Prestige Cars

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nick theodossi little fish podcast

Get ready to meet the king of luxury cars, Nick Theodossi. Dominating the prestigious car market for over 50 years, Nick’s journey from humble beginnings in Coburg, VIC, to overcoming debt and battling depression is nothing short of extraordinary. Curious about his ride of choice? LFG! Timestamps 00:00:00 – Let’s Begin the Ride!00:00:58 – WelcomeContinue Reading

Web Genius Anthony Wymond Unlocks Al Secrets

| All , Business
anthony wymond little fish podcast

AI has the potential to revolutionise everything from communication to interaction and technology use, but it also raises massive concerns. Meet Anthony Wymond, a well-known figure in Melbourne’s creative scene. As Ignite Online’s Founder and Creative Director, he has led the web space for twenty years. With the ongoing debate about AI’s impact, what doesContinue Reading

From $5K to $35M: Startup to Exit | The LVLY Story

| All , Business

Explore the remarkable journey of LVLY and Hannah Spilva, from startup to $35M success story. We unpack Hannah’s extraordinary journey from a mere $5K startup to a monumental exit, going deep into the heart of LVLY’s groundbreaking transformation. You’ll get exclusive insights into innovation, brand building, and the unexpected challenges that followed the big sale.Continue Reading

From Pro Athlete to Tech Giant: The Tristan Sternson Story

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tristan sternson little fish podcast

Tristan Sternson: Pro athlete-turned-tech mogul shares his meteoric rise with Melbourne IT, culminating in a $290 million acquisition. Delve into the mind of one of Australia’s most successful tech entrepreneurs. A masterclass in business and innovation. Timestamps 6:40 Welcome, Tristan Sternson8:32 What is Cryo Therapy10:46 Growing Up an Athlete14:29 The Traumatic Race16:47 Going into Business18:28Continue Reading

From Records to Revolver: Mike Toner’s Legendary Parties and Humanitarian Triumphs

mike toner little fish podcast

Join Mike Toner, event mastermind and founder of Thick as Thieves, as he takes us behind the scenes of Australia’s iconic Revolver Nightclub. Discover his journey of throwing the country’s best parties while simultaneously raising $800k for the Fred Hollows Foundation and restoring the sight for 30,000 people. All shot in front of the infamous RevolverContinue Reading

How Jason Daniel Turned LSKD into an $80M Global Street and Sportswear Brand

jason daniel lskd little fish pod

Jason Daniel propelled LSKD from a humble start into an $80M global street and sportswear empire. He’s a former motocross athlete turned business savage; in today’s pod, he shares his journey to the top, including his incredible wins, losses, and invaluable lessons. Timestamps 00:00 Welcome to the LSKD Rooftop!04:04 Introducing Jason Daniel07:06 How He GotContinue Reading

The Block Head Landscaper Dave Franklin on Growing Franklin Group into a Landscaping Empire

dave franklin little fish podcast

Dave Franklin is the Block’s head landscaper, host of Open Homes Australia and founder of Franklin Group, one of Australia’s leading landscape design and construction companies. He shares his journey with the boys. Timestamps 0:00:55 Dan’s night teeth grinding and dentist0:05:26 Introducing today’s guest, Dave Franklin0:08:30 Why landscaping, and how did you get into it?0:11:26Continue Reading

From Zero to $100 Million: Evan Montero Shares DIY Blinds Mind-Blowing Revolution

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evan montero little fish podcast

Evan Montero is co-founder of the 100-million-dollar e-commerce juggernaut DIY Blinds, the fastest-growing window retailer in the country. He shares the business strategy that has them not just taking part but taking over the blind industry. Timestamps 00:01:27 Ben’s broken tooth and the dodgy dentist00:02:35 Ben drinking more water and less red bull00:04:30 Supermarket andContinue Reading

From SKINS to Sports Technology: Jaimie Fuller on Anti-Doping, and Fighting Corruption in Elite Sports

| All , Business , Sport
jaimie fuller little fish podcast

Jaimie Fuller, former Executive Chairman of sportswear brand SKINS and Chairman and co-founder of sports technology company eo, joins us to discuss his activism against doping, corruption, and homophobia in elite sports. Jamie shares his insights on improving the sporting landscape and promoting human rights. Timestamps 00:01:48 Back at the Meriton Suites00:02:48 Is Benny dying hisContinue Reading

Bryce Holdaway, Australia’s Property Investment King on Growing Wealth and Measuring Success

Bryce Holdaway is the host of The Property Couch, partner of Empower Wealth, author of The Armchair Guide to Property Investing, and host of Foxtel’s Location Location Location Australia. We discuss money, building daily habits, changing beliefs, property investing and more.  Timestamps 0:01:15 Preamble – Can You Regift?0:05:14 Introducing Bryce Holdaway0:06:08 Does Bryce Regift?0:07:50 GutContinue Reading

Nathan Buckley: Life & Business Lessons from an AFL Legend

Nathan Buckley is considered one of the best AFL players of all time and a Collingwood Football Club legend. We discuss footy and his philosophy on life and business. Timestamps 02:14 Introducing Nathan Buckley04:30 Accolades, and The Best Representation of Who Nathan Buckley Is05:20 Nathan’s Upbringing and Parent’s Influence10:00 Differences Between Generations and Parenting Approaches11:15Continue Reading

The Boys Fire Up for the Year and Debate if Money Buys Happiness – First Episode 2023

The boys share war stories from their holidays, plot out the podcast goals for the year, and debate if money buys happiness. Timestamps 00:01:31 Welcome, and how was the break?00:04:08 Dan’s trip to the USA00:08:00 Finding the top local spots in New York00:08:50 The weather/missing summer if you travel00:09:45 How was Hawaii00:12:05 The elephant seal00:12:52Continue Reading

HockingStuart Real Estate Founders Share Their Journey to the Pinnacle of the Australian Property Market

| All , Business , Property
hockingstuart little fish podcast

Greg Hocking and Andrew Stuart are the co-founders of one of Melbourne’s most successful property groups – HockingStuart. They share their journey of building their revered real estate empire.  Timestamps 02:46 Welcome to Andrew Stuart and Greg Hocking04:35 Back where HockingStuart Real Estate began07:40 First office space08:40 Without a shopfront, how do you convince people toContinue Reading

Rick Brockwell on Building Brolec into an Industry Leading Electrical Contractor After Losing Everything

| All , Business
rick brockwell little fish podcast

Rick Brockwell is the founder of Electrical juggernaut Brolec. He shares his storey from losing everything to growing Brolex to one of Australia’s top three privately owned electrical contracting businesses. Timestamps 09:31 Ricks childhood11:38 How’s 50 years old see life now?14:28 Dad said, “You are going to be a plumber.”19:00 Dad’s left the family22:30 ForgivingContinue Reading

John Bertrand on Winning the 1983 America’s Cup and Breaking Sports Longest Ever Winning Streak

| All , Business , Sport
john bertrand little fish podcast

John Bertrand is a living Australian legend. He skippered Australia II to victory at the 1983 America’s Cup breaking America’s 132-year winning streak – the longest-running sporting streak in modern history. He shares that journey and his since, including a stint as Swimming Australia President when his country needed him most. Timestamps 06.31 Start of yourContinue Reading

Katherine Persoglia on Founding Property Before Prada After Buying Her First Property at Nineteen

| All , Business , Property

Katherine Persoglia purchased her first property at the age of nineteen. Two decades later, she’s the founder of Property Before Prada, dedicated to helping women grow their wealth. Timestamps 6:49 How it all began10:00 What you want to do when you grow up10:50 Becoming a mortgage broker12:03 Family support13:20 Buying a property at nineteen16:00 Leadership qualities19:25Continue Reading

Dan Ryan on Coaching West Coast Fever to its First Premiership after Losing Twenty-Seven Straight

| All , Business , Sport
dan ryan little fish podcast

Dan Ryan is a celebrated Aussie netball player, coach, sports journalist, and broadcaster. He shares his crazy ride from losing 27 straight games at Manchester Thunder to coaching West Coast Fever to its first-ever premiership. We talk leadership, taking risks, belief, passion and all that good stuff we love on the podcast. Timestamps 8:38 Dan’sContinue Reading

Darryn Lyons on the Paparazzi King, the Mayor of Geelong, Getting Kidnapped & Playing Russian Roulette

darryn lyons little fish podcast

Darryn Lyons has been many things. We’re talking paparazzi king, war correspondent, politician, nightclub owner, serial reality TV star, and of course, the mayor of Geelong. He’s renowned for his iconic mohawk and revered for his unapologetic attitude. Timestamps 7:06 Darryn’s beginning10:53 Working overseas14:20 The cat with 9 lives18:05 Movie star21:13 The big picture26:32 PushingContinue Reading

Earl Eddings on Running Cricket Australia, Managing Risk & Buying and Selling Businesses

| All , Business , Sport
earl eddings little fish podcast

Earl Eddings was the Director of Cricket Australia for a whopping 13 years before stepping up as Chair in the wake of the famous sandpaper gate scandal of 2018. He shares this experience and his experience buying and selling successful businesses over many years. Timestamps 5:20 Earl’s early days9:09 Earl’s impact10:30 Selling/ buying business14:34 JoiningContinue Reading

Mark Walkley on Building Australia’s Largest Commercial Fit-out Company & Selling it for 75 Million

mark walkley little fish podcast

Mark Walkley’s business went into liquidation at 30 – he then went on to build and eventually sell one of the biggest commercial fit-out companies this country has ever seen. He’s an entrepreneur, philanthropist, technophobe, connector, and self-proclaimed dumb tradie. Timestamps 6:31 Mark’s upbringing8:37 Tail blazer11:27 Point of difference15:59 Hungry workers17:22 Be proactive19:40 Never smoothContinue Reading

Chelsea Pottenger on Being Suicidal & Submitting to a Psych Ward to Founding EQ Minds to Help Others

chelsea pottenger little fish podcast

Chelsea Pottenger is the founder of EQ minds who help big names like eBay, Google, Telstra and CBA improve mental health in the workplace and find a better balance for their employees. She uses her own breaking point to help others avoid there’s. Timestamps 07:48 Before pregnancy12:30 The question that saved Chelsea15:02 Take a shower16:14Continue Reading

Nathan Chan on Building Foundr into The Global Home for Entrepreneurs & Working with Richard Branson

nathan chan little fish podcast

Nathan Chan’s entrepreneurial skills have seen him in chairs opposite the likes of Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Tony Robbins, Jessica Livingston, Seth Godin, Mark Cuban, and Tim Ferriss. When he’s not interviewing other rockstar business leaders, he heads up Foundr, the global media and education company for entrepreneurs. Timestamps 7:53 The Old You10:05 Turning Point11:24Continue Reading

Cameron Falloon on Building Body Fit Training and Becoming Princess Diana’s Personal Trainer

cameron falloon little fish podcast

Cameron Falloon is nothing short of personal training royalty. He was Princess Dianna’s personal trainer in his early twenties and is the founder and joint CEO of fitness empire Body Fit Training.  Timestamps 6:25 So you were a chippy?7:36 Cam’s life was “over” (back injury)13:56 The Aussie backpacker becomes a PT20:35 How did you fillContinue Reading

Daniel Flynn on Building Multi-million Dollar Social Enterprise Thankyou and Meeting Barrack Obama

| All , Business
daniel flynn little fish podcast

This week on the Little Fish Podcast we have Daniel Flynn, a multi-award-winning philanthropic entrepreneur behind the global social enterprise, Thankyou. He’s been interviewed by Barack Obama, penned a best-selling book, and – most importantly – helped Thankyou raise more than $17 million for 22 of the world’s poorest regions. Timestamps 5:49 Dan’s origin9:19 setContinue Reading

Andrew Mackinnon on Building Australia’s Most Cutting-edge Advertising Agency Taboo After Losing Everything

| All , Business
andrew mackinnon little fish podcast

This week on the Little Fish Podcast, we welcome Andrew Mackinnon founder and CEO of Taboo Group. One of Australia’s boldest and most cutting-edge advertising agencies for a world that hates advertising. Taboo Group has been the birthplace to out-of-box, envelope-pushing ideas for some of the world’s biggest brands such as Nike, Schweppes and NAB justContinue Reading

Danielle Pelly on Building Luxury Fashion Brand Ena Pelly & How They Are Using Plastic Bottles to Change the Game

danielle pelly little fish podcast

This week on the Little Fish Podcast, we welcome Danielle Pelly founder of Australian luxury fashion brand Ena Pelly who are taking over the fashion game on the back of recycled plastic bottles and faux fur coats. Timestamps 5:43 Danielle always loved fashion and business11:02 The first big risk17:18 The heyday of Instagram22:06 Jackets madeContinue Reading

Sabri Suby on Building Australia’s Largest Digital Marketing Agency King Kong & Generating 1.3 Billion in Sales

| All , Business
sabri suby little fish podcast

This week on the LF podcast we have Sabri Suby, founder of Australia’s fastest growing digital marketing company King Kong. Generating more than 1.3 billion in sales in the process. He’s an author, founder, salesman, speaker, and self-appointed internet overlord. Timestamps 3:49 Origin Story9:51 How most business are started…. (The wrong way)13:46 Don’t tell smartContinue Reading

Michael Ramsey on Building the Number One F45 Studio on the Planet & How Strong Pilates is Now Taking Over

michael ramsey litle fish podcast

This week on the podcast, we have Michael Ramsey. He was the franchise owner of the number one F45 studio on the planet and is Co-Founder and CEO of the world’s fastest-growing Pilates studio, Strong Pilates. Timestamps 5:07 Getting our heads around pilates6:07 Who is Ramsay?7:00 Innate Entrepreneurship8:21 Nightclubs to F4512:34 Getting F45 off theContinue Reading

Kate Save on Her Journey from Knocking on Deaths Door to Becoming the Queen of Rapid Weight Loss – Via Shark Tank!

kate save little fish podcast

Today’s guest on the Little Fish Podcast is Kate Save a practising dietitian. An accredited exercise physiologist a diabetes educator and an award-winning entrepreneur. She is an absolute savage businesswoman having co-founded Be Fit Food. Australia’s leading dietitian and doctor-designed meal provider. Put simply, she is the queen of rapid weight loss. Subscribe on YouTube:Continue Reading

Grant Smillie on Winning Arias, Taking Over Hollywood and Rubbing Shoulders With Al Pacino & Matt Damon

grant smillie little fish podcast

This week on the podcast we have Grant Smillie – who started in the entertainment industry at age 17. He has achieved success across many aspects of the entertainment and hospitality industries.   He enjoyed an international DJ career and is one half of the record-breaking dance music duo, TV Rock – winning two ARIAsContinue Reading

Scott Didier on How Rockstars Took His Business From 12 Million to 800 Million Turnover and Talks Securing the Exclusive License to Nike Australia.

| All , Business
scott didier little fish podcast

This week on the podcast, we talk to entrepreneur and business mogul, Scott Didier. His company, Johns Lyng Group, now turns over circa $850M, achieving compounded growth of 25% pa over the last 18 years. Get ready to walk away with invaluable business advice from a guy who’s been acquiring and selling businesses for years.Continue Reading

Danny Hayes Spills All Of Big Brother’s Dirty Little Secrets & Shares His Powerful Mantra To Live By

danny hayes little fish podcast

In our second episode the Little Fish Podcast, welcome one of the hottest reality stars to come out of 2021, the vivacious Danny Hayes! He shares all of big brother’s dirty secrets and his greatest moments on the reality TV show. Danny shares his powerful mantra to live by of never quitting or giving up. HeContinue Reading