Welcome to the Little Fish Podcast Construction section. In this section, we’ll talk to the Big Fish of the construction sector.

As we’re a residential property developer, we live and breathe construction and building. And our daily business is solidly entwined with that of the construction industry. After all, someone’s got to build the townhouses we develop. Through our time in business, we have developed extremely close relationships with some sector heavyweights.

What Will You Learn

In this section, you’ll watch and learn everything and anything to do with the construction of buildings. From residential to commercial and industrial building. Heck even dual occupancy building we discuss it all. You’ll hear from topics as varied as slab pouring, bricklaying, carpentry and more.

Furthermore, our hosts and guests will also discuss the ins and outs of the construction sector. And you’ll hear from people who started out Little and are now enormous. You’ll see the cream of the crop in this section, from building CEOs to owner-operators of boutique building companies, project managers and home design firms.

In addition to this, we’ll share the everyday happenings in the construction sector, and we will discuss trends, innovations, entrepreneurship and disruptions in the industry. If it has to do with bricks, mortar, wood and concrete, we’ll cover it.

Between our Little Fish hosts and our Big Fish guests, on any given podcast episode, there will be multiple decades of building sector experience in the room – all available on tap for you to lap up in your own time.

So, feel free to browse this section and click through to the topics that interest you – professionally or personally. We guarantee there will be an episode for everyone, no matter what you are interested in.

The Block Head Landscaper Dave Franklin on Growing Franklin Group into a Landscaping Empire

dave franklin little fish podcast

Dave Franklin is the Block’s head landscaper, host of Open Homes Australia and founder of Franklin Group, one of Australia’s leading landscape design and construction companies. He shares his journey with the boys. Timestamps 0:00:55 Dan’s night teeth grinding and dentist0:05:26 Introducing today’s guest, Dave Franklin0:08:30 Why landscaping, and how did you get into it?0:11:26Continue Reading

Mark Walkley on Building Australia’s Largest Commercial Fit-out Company & Selling it for 75 Million

mark walkley little fish podcast

Mark Walkley’s business went into liquidation at 30 – he then went on to build and eventually sell one of the biggest commercial fit-out companies this country has ever seen. He’s an entrepreneur, philanthropist, technophobe, connector, and self-proclaimed dumb tradie. Timestamps 6:31 Mark’s upbringing8:37 Tail blazer11:27 Point of difference15:59 Hungry workers17:22 Be proactive19:40 Never smoothContinue Reading