Welcome to the Entertainment section of the Little Fish Podcast. Here, our Little Fish hosts swim with the Big Fish of the entertainment industry.

You might be wondering why we’d have entertainment guests on a business podcast. Well, that’s easy to explain. For one, we’re human, and we love to consume media. Whether it’s movies, TV shows, books, magazines, music or art – we’re mad about it. After all, life’s too short to be all work and no play.

However, there’s a deeper reason for why we have an entertainment section. Entertainment is still business, after all. What’s that song, “there’s no business like show business?”

The Big Fish

Actors, musicians, directors, screenwriters, producers, cinematographers and photographers all had to grind to reach the top of their class. Like any Big Fish we feature on the Podcast, our guests have years of blood, sweat and tears in their pasts. While their current may be in lights and six-figure incomes, they all started somewhere like any hustler.

In this Podcast section, you’ll see our episodes with guests such as actors, producers and entertainment gurus. Watch as the Little Fish explore with curiosity how the entertainment Big Fish got to be the biggest in the ocean. You’ll definitely learn something from our expert guests as they open up and shoot the breeze with us on the Podcast.

You’ll learn from top TV, film, print media, and radio figures. They’ll share their tips and strategies, and you can definitely learn from them, regardless of your industry.

So, have a browse of this section to see our top entertainment podcasts and keep an open mind. Even if you’re not a fan of a particular form of media, there should be something to learn. Remember, an open mind is one of the keys to success.

The Boys’ Inspiring Year in Review and Extreme Water Fast | Final Ep. 2023

| All , Entertainment
water fast little fish podcast

The boys commit to a three-day water fast, reflect on the year that was, recall the incredible guests, trips, and experiences, and work on developing new segments for Season Three in 2024. Timestamps 00:58:11 Intro03:30:17 Wrapping Up the Year04:40:12 Fasting Benefits15:23:11 Welcome to the Podcast15:45:02 2023 Achievements and Favorite Guests29:23:08 Upcoming Changes to Segments30:40:23 NewContinue Reading

From Records to Revolver: Mike Toner’s Legendary Parties and Humanitarian Triumphs

mike toner little fish podcast

Join Mike Toner, event mastermind and founder of Thick as Thieves, as he takes us behind the scenes of Australia’s iconic Revolver Nightclub. Discover his journey of throwing the country’s best parties while simultaneously raising $800k for the Fred Hollows Foundation and restoring the sight for 30,000 people. All shot in front of the infamous RevolverContinue Reading

Willem Powerfish on Harpooning Records and His Unconventional Path to Success

willem powerfish little fish podcast

Willem Powerfish Ungermann, a comedian and prankster, has captivated a cult-like following with his unique brand of humour. His extraordinary journey takes us through addiction and mental health struggles, leading to unprecedented fame and business success. Balancing record-breaking fishing achievements with a deep commitment to philanthropy, he embodies resilience and an unconventional path to theContinue Reading

Exclusive! Million Dollar Bogan Danny Hayes Conquers Death Road on a Harley | Mind-Blowing Story

million dollar bogan little fish podcast

Danny Hayes, the fearless Million Dollar Bogan, conquers Bolivia’s treacherous Death Road, solo and on his Harley Davidson! Hear his gutsy tales of bravery, survival, and unmatched fortitude. This packed episode will inspire, astonish, and leave you in awe. Prepare to have your mind blown. Timestamps 00:00 New Morning Routines07:34 Danny Hayes Introduction11:24 Bolivian “DeathContinue Reading

Becoming a Bondi Rescue Lifeguard: Harrison Reid’s Unbelievable Journey

harrison reid little fish podcast

Harrison Reid, star of Bondi Rescue, shares his inspiring journey of moving to Sydney from New Zealand straight out of school to pursue his dream of becoming a lifeguard at the iconic Bondi Beach. He also founded the online e-commerce bed mattress business, 10 pm. Timestamps 00:01:42 Hollywood is missing00:02:19 Was Ben happy with the plane?00:02:52Continue Reading

Amanda Goff AKA Samantha X: Behind the Stilettos of Australia’s Highest Paid Escort

amanda goff little fish podcast

Amanda Goff, aka Samantha X, shares her journey to becoming Australia’s highest-paid escort. She breaks down the business side of the sex industry and shares her journey of self-discovery, including her diagnosis of bipolar II. Welcome to the Little Fish Podcast Amanda! Timestamps 0:01:15 Email pleasantries0:05:35 Welcome back to the podcast, introducing Amanda Goff0:08:56 WhoContinue Reading

Nathan Buckley: Life & Business Lessons from an AFL Legend

Nathan Buckley is considered one of the best AFL players of all time and a Collingwood Football Club legend. We discuss footy and his philosophy on life and business. Timestamps 02:14 Introducing Nathan Buckley04:30 Accolades, and The Best Representation of Who Nathan Buckley Is05:20 Nathan’s Upbringing and Parent’s Influence10:00 Differences Between Generations and Parenting Approaches11:15Continue Reading

Grant Smillie on Winning Arias, Taking Over Hollywood and Rubbing Shoulders With Al Pacino & Matt Damon

grant smillie little fish podcast

This week on the podcast we have Grant Smillie – who started in the entertainment industry at age 17. He has achieved success across many aspects of the entertainment and hospitality industries.   He enjoyed an international DJ career and is one half of the record-breaking dance music duo, TV Rock – winning two ARIAsContinue Reading

Danny Hayes Spills All Of Big Brother’s Dirty Little Secrets & Shares His Powerful Mantra To Live By

danny hayes little fish podcast

In our second episode the Little Fish Podcast, welcome one of the hottest reality stars to come out of 2021, the vivacious Danny Hayes! He shares all of big brother’s dirty secrets and his greatest moments on the reality TV show. Danny shares his powerful mantra to live by of never quitting or giving up. HeContinue Reading