Welcome to the Finance section of the Little Fish Podcast. Our Little Fish hosts will swim and chew the fat with the Big Fish from the Finance sector.

Business and finance are inextricably linked together; there’s no denying it. Any business needs a bank, and every bank needs businesses to stay afloat. It’s almost a symbiotic relationship. And it goes further than that to everyday life. Everyone needs a bank to get paid and will approach a lender at some point in their life to finance a car, boat, house, caravan, renovations or a new home build.

In this section, you’ll hear from top figures in the finance sector. We might have banking executives on the Podcast who will share their success journeys. We might also hear from finance brokers who can share tips about borrowing money or how to approach a loan. Furthermore, we’ll chat about everything and anything to do with finance – from home loans to crypto and everything in between. If it’s about money, then you can rest assured that we’ll cover it in this podcast section.

Topics for Discussion

We’ll even cover topics such as digital banks, fintech, buy now pay later services and more. Basically, you can watch it in this podcast section if it’s got to do with money.

In addition to this, we might discuss topics such as investing, how to generate a passive income stream, interest rates and tax information and more. Note that any information contained in the Podcast is general and is not financial advice. Unless a guest is qualified and licensed to provide financial advice, they are not providing financial advice.

So, look through this section, browse our finance podcasts, and get ready to learn from the Big Fish as they chat with our hosts on the Little Fish podcast.

Bryce Holdaway, Australia’s Property Investment King on Growing Wealth and Measuring Success

Bryce Holdaway is the host of The Property Couch, partner of Empower Wealth, author of The Armchair Guide to Property Investing, and host of Foxtel’s Location Location Location Australia. We discuss money, building daily habits, changing beliefs, property investing and more.  Timestamps 0:01:15 Preamble – Can You Regift?0:05:14 Introducing Bryce Holdaway0:06:08 Does Bryce Regift?0:07:50 GutContinue Reading