Welcome to the Little Fish Podcast Lifestyle section. In this section, we’ll have Big Fish guests from across the lifestyle industry.

You might ask why a business and property podcast has a lifestyle section. Well, there are a few reasons. At the end of the day, we’re human, and your humble hosts are actually interested in all things lifestyle – from health and wellbeing to travel and other lifestyle topics. After all, we work hard, so why not put our feet up when the rare opportunity presents itself? After all, all work and no play make us dull boys.

Another reason is that the lifestyle sector is actually quite massive, and like anywhere, there’s money to be made for those that forge ahead. That’s where our Big Fish guests fit in. We’ll chat with people from across this sector, from health and wellness gurus to travel mavens and more.

Topics will include healthy living, diets, well-being and how they intersect with business and entrepreneurship. We’ll also chat about travel and adventure, as these are exciting topics that we reckon our audience will dig.

In addition to this, we’ll share the current trends in the lifestyle market, and you’ll hear about the latest crazes and investment opportunities that might interest you. If a topic has something to do with this space, we’re not shy to discuss it.

So, browse this section to explore our podcasts related to lifestyle. We guarantee there will be something of interest to check out. It might be a wellness topic or travel or diet, but you’ll find something that matches what you’re into.

Now three blokes might not seem the best hosts for this topic, but we’re not afraid to discuss the finer things in life, don’t stress. Sit back and enjoy it with us.

Life on the Edge with Bondi Rescue Lifeguard Trent Maxwell

trent maxwell little fish podcast

Trent ‘Maxi’ Maxwell opens up about his adrenaline-fueled world, from magic mushroom mishaps to near-death rescues and firefighting heroics. Discover how he rose to Bondi Rescue stardom, blazes as a firefighter and drives his life-saving initiative Live Learn Survive. Tune in! Timestamps 0:00:00 – Introduction0:01:01 – Introducing Trent Maxwell0:02:13 – Early Life and Discovering HisContinue Reading

Elite Performance Secrets from Jock Campbell, Architect of Australia’s Cricket Golden Era

| All , Lifestyle , Sport
jock campbel little fish podcast

Today, we’re exploring the world of elite performance with Jock Campbell, the mastermind behind Australian cricket’s golden era. From mentoring Olympians to coaching future champions, Jock’s global expertise is a masterclass in excellence and innovation at the forefront of athlete development. What’s his secret for turning beginners into world-class athletes? Timestamps 00:00 Intro01:44 Kick-off02:19 WelcomingContinue Reading

From Stripping and Addiction to an Unshakable Goddess | Katie Macdonald

| All , Lifestyle
katie macdonald little fish podcast

Katie MacDonald’s extraordinary journey will leave you speechless, from battling addiction and a career in stripping to becoming an Unshakable Goddess. Today, she is a renowned NLP practitioner, sacred sexuality coach, and therapeutic Yoni massage practitioner. Get ready to be inspired by her wild story of resilience. Timestamps 0:00 Intro3:15 Tomato Sauce, Fridge or Cupboard?6:42Continue Reading

How Jason Daniel Turned LSKD into an $80M Global Street and Sportswear Brand

jason daniel lskd little fish pod

Jason Daniel propelled LSKD from a humble start into an $80M global street and sportswear empire. He’s a former motocross athlete turned business savage; in today’s pod, he shares his journey to the top, including his incredible wins, losses, and invaluable lessons. Timestamps 00:00 Welcome to the LSKD Rooftop!04:04 Introducing Jason Daniel07:06 How He GotContinue Reading

Becoming a Bondi Rescue Lifeguard: Harrison Reid’s Unbelievable Journey

harrison reid little fish podcast

Harrison Reid, star of Bondi Rescue, shares his inspiring journey of moving to Sydney from New Zealand straight out of school to pursue his dream of becoming a lifeguard at the iconic Bondi Beach. He also founded the online e-commerce bed mattress business, 10 pm. Timestamps 00:01:42 Hollywood is missing00:02:19 Was Ben happy with the plane?00:02:52Continue Reading

The Power of Mental Fitness in Sports and Everyday Life with Michael Inglis from The Mind Room

| All , Lifestyle , Sport
the mind room little fish podcast

Michael Inglis, a co-founder of The Mind Room, discusses the power of sports psychology and mental fitness in unlocking peak performance in sports, business and everyday life. Timestamps 00:01:15 Training for marathon00:05:00 Welcome to Michael Inglis00:07:15 Where did it all begin?00:08:45 Why did you get into the space?00:10:15 Same approach to different people00:11:25 Why did youContinue Reading

150 Marathons in 150 Days: The Incredible Feat of Record-Breaker Erchana Murray-Bartlett

| All , Lifestyle , Sport
erchana murray bartlett little fish podcast

Erchana Murray-Bartlett just completed an extortionary feat, completing 150 marathons in 150 days running to smash the world record. She shares how and why she did it and what’s next. Incredible. Timestamps 02:04 Mr Medidate and the team06:03 Welcoming today’s guest Erchana09:14 The recovery process00:10:06 About Erchana and sports00:11:46 Introduction to running00:13:25 What made ErchanaContinue Reading

Chelsea Pottenger on Being Suicidal & Submitting to a Psych Ward to Founding EQ Minds to Help Others

chelsea pottenger little fish podcast

Chelsea Pottenger is the founder of EQ minds who help big names like eBay, Google, Telstra and CBA improve mental health in the workplace and find a better balance for their employees. She uses her own breaking point to help others avoid there’s. Timestamps 07:48 Before pregnancy12:30 The question that saved Chelsea15:02 Take a shower16:14Continue Reading

Cameron Falloon on Building Body Fit Training and Becoming Princess Diana’s Personal Trainer

cameron falloon little fish podcast

Cameron Falloon is nothing short of personal training royalty. He was Princess Dianna’s personal trainer in his early twenties and is the founder and joint CEO of fitness empire Body Fit Training.  Timestamps 6:25 So you were a chippy?7:36 Cam’s life was “over” (back injury)13:56 The Aussie backpacker becomes a PT20:35 How did you fillContinue Reading

Danielle Pelly on Building Luxury Fashion Brand Ena Pelly & How They Are Using Plastic Bottles to Change the Game

danielle pelly little fish podcast

This week on the Little Fish Podcast, we welcome Danielle Pelly founder of Australian luxury fashion brand Ena Pelly who are taking over the fashion game on the back of recycled plastic bottles and faux fur coats. Timestamps 5:43 Danielle always loved fashion and business11:02 The first big risk17:18 The heyday of Instagram22:06 Jackets madeContinue Reading

Michael Ramsey on Building the Number One F45 Studio on the Planet & How Strong Pilates is Now Taking Over

michael ramsey litle fish podcast

This week on the podcast, we have Michael Ramsey. He was the franchise owner of the number one F45 studio on the planet and is Co-Founder and CEO of the world’s fastest-growing Pilates studio, Strong Pilates. Timestamps 5:07 Getting our heads around pilates6:07 Who is Ramsay?7:00 Innate Entrepreneurship8:21 Nightclubs to F4512:34 Getting F45 off theContinue Reading

Kate Save on Her Journey from Knocking on Deaths Door to Becoming the Queen of Rapid Weight Loss – Via Shark Tank!

kate save little fish podcast

Today’s guest on the Little Fish Podcast is Kate Save a practising dietitian. An accredited exercise physiologist a diabetes educator and an award-winning entrepreneur. She is an absolute savage businesswoman having co-founded Be Fit Food. Australia’s leading dietitian and doctor-designed meal provider. Put simply, she is the queen of rapid weight loss. Subscribe on YouTube:Continue Reading