Welcome to the Property section of the Little Fish Podcast. You’ll find all our episodes that centre around property – buying, selling, renting, and development within this podcast section.

Here we’ll share our expert knowledge as well as host our guests – the who’s who in the zoo of property.

You’ll hear an expert opinion, tips, and advice about the property sector and how the Big Fish (the cream of the crop) rose to the top of the food chain.

There are literal decades of knowledge of all things property between our special guests and our hosts. You’ll hear about property sales, the market fluctuations, development and project management. Basically, you’ll hear about anything and everything to do with real estate on the LIttle Fish podcast.

You can rest assured that all episodes will be chock full of helpful information that will help you know more about the real estate market and get ahead. If that’s your goal.

Furthermore, whether you’re a seasoned property guru or are just starting out in your real estate journey, this Podcast has what you need to hear. You’ll hear informative, up-to-date and valuable stories of success and also failure. Why failure? Because behind every success story is a series of hurdles, stumbles and trips. However, our guests dusted themselves off and got back into the swing of things, and now they’re the Big Fish.

Remember, success doesn’t occur overnight. It’s years of grinding and hustling in most cases, but as you’ll see from our special guests, it can be all worth it when you crack the big game.

Some of the types of guests you’ll hear from on this topic include

So, have a browse of this section to pick our top real estate podcasts, and get ready to listen, absorb and learn from the best in the business.

Bryce Holdaway, Australia’s Property Investment King on Growing Wealth and Measuring Success

Bryce Holdaway is the host of The Property Couch, partner of Empower Wealth, author of The Armchair Guide to Property Investing, and host of Foxtel’s Location Location Location Australia. We discuss money, building daily habits, changing beliefs, property investing and more.  Timestamps 0:01:15 Preamble – Can You Regift?0:05:14 Introducing Bryce Holdaway0:06:08 Does Bryce Regift?0:07:50 GutContinue Reading

The Boys Fire Up for the Year and Debate if Money Buys Happiness – First Episode 2023

The boys share war stories from their holidays, plot out the podcast goals for the year, and debate if money buys happiness. Timestamps 00:01:31 Welcome, and how was the break?00:04:08 Dan’s trip to the USA00:08:00 Finding the top local spots in New York00:08:50 The weather/missing summer if you travel00:09:45 How was Hawaii00:12:05 The elephant seal00:12:52Continue Reading

HockingStuart Real Estate Founders Share Their Journey to the Pinnacle of the Australian Property Market

| All , Business , Property
hockingstuart little fish podcast

Greg Hocking and Andrew Stuart are the co-founders of one of Melbourne’s most successful property groups – HockingStuart. They share their journey of building their revered real estate empire.  Timestamps 02:46 Welcome to Andrew Stuart and Greg Hocking04:35 Back where HockingStuart Real Estate began07:40 First office space08:40 Without a shopfront, how do you convince people toContinue Reading

Katherine Persoglia on Founding Property Before Prada After Buying Her First Property at Nineteen

| All , Business , Property

Katherine Persoglia purchased her first property at the age of nineteen. Two decades later, she’s the founder of Property Before Prada, dedicated to helping women grow their wealth. Timestamps 6:49 How it all began10:00 What you want to do when you grow up10:50 Becoming a mortgage broker12:03 Family support13:20 Buying a property at nineteen16:00 Leadership qualities19:25Continue Reading

Danny Hayes Spills All Of Big Brother’s Dirty Little Secrets & Shares His Powerful Mantra To Live By

danny hayes little fish podcast

In our second episode the Little Fish Podcast, welcome one of the hottest reality stars to come out of 2021, the vivacious Danny Hayes! He shares all of big brother’s dirty secrets and his greatest moments on the reality TV show. Danny shares his powerful mantra to live by of never quitting or giving up. HeContinue Reading