Welcome to the sports section of the Little Fish Podcast. You’ll see all our episodes that centre around sport within this podcast section.

Why sport, you ask? Well, because we’re mad sports fans, that’s one reason. But also, a lot of the principles of becoming successful in business have parallels to successful athletes.

Behind every successful athlete are thousands of hours of training, practice, grinding, sweat, blood and tears. Those who make it to the top of their sport have earned their place through hard work and dedication. The same applies to those who reach the peak in business.

Why Talk Sports?

In addition, sports is big business in and of itself. That’s another reason why we have guests from this industry on the Podcast, as business tips are transferable between industries.

There are obvious parallels, so that’s why we talk sports and have top athletes, coaches and sports business people on our Podcast.

In the sports section, you’ll hear an expert opinion and our sports-mad but amateur, Little Fish opinions. You’ll also hear how our special guests rose to the top of their field – in competing, coaching or business.

You’ll hear about sports strategy, tactics, coaching, competitive edges, the ups and downs and everything in between. Anything and everything to do with sport, and we’ll cover it in the Little Fish Podcast.

Each episode will be entertaining and filled with scintillating discussion and debate.

Importantly, you’ll also hear about what you don’t see on prime time TV – the stumbles, hiccups and setbacks. Every top athlete and coach has endured these. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be successful. We’ll learn how our Big Fish faced adversity and overcame it to become the stars they are today.

So, whether you’re sports-mad yourself or just keen to hear from top performers, check out the sports section now.

Elite Performance Secrets from Jock Campbell, Architect of Australia’s Cricket Golden Era

| All , Lifestyle , Sport
jock campbel little fish podcast

Today, we’re exploring the world of elite performance with Jock Campbell, the mastermind behind Australian cricket’s golden era. From mentoring Olympians to coaching future champions, Jock’s global expertise is a masterclass in excellence and innovation at the forefront of athlete development. What’s his secret for turning beginners into world-class athletes? Timestamps 00:00 Intro01:44 Kick-off02:19 WelcomingContinue Reading

From AFL Legend to Media Megastar: The Daisy Pearce Story

| All , Sport
daisy pearce little fish podcast

Daisy Pearce is an AFL icon and legend of the game. With an unmatched list of achievements, she’s conquered a world that said she couldn’t. We had the honour of unpacking her legendary story. When you love something enough, anything is possible. Let’s get it! Timestamps 0:00 Intro / PK’s Man Cave6:07 Introducing Daisy Pearce8:14Continue Reading

Phar-jack Jenkins Unleashed: UFC Rising Phenom Puts Alexander Volkanovski on Notice

| All , Influencer , Sport
jack jenkins little fish podcast

Phar-jack Jack Jenkins: 9-fight win streak, former Dana White contender, HEX fighting legend, and future Volk challenger? Dive into the wild and electrifying journey of Australia’s UFC sensation. From Baccus Marsh roots to UFC stardom, discover the story behind the “one-trick pony.” Timestamps 5:50 Welcome, Jack Jenkins8:18 How They Grade Jr JuiJitsu Belts8:58 How HeContinue Reading

How Jason Daniel Turned LSKD into an $80M Global Street and Sportswear Brand

jason daniel lskd little fish pod

Jason Daniel propelled LSKD from a humble start into an $80M global street and sportswear empire. He’s a former motocross athlete turned business savage; in today’s pod, he shares his journey to the top, including his incredible wins, losses, and invaluable lessons. Timestamps 00:00 Welcome to the LSKD Rooftop!04:04 Introducing Jason Daniel07:06 How He GotContinue Reading

AFL Player Advocate Iain Findlay on Tony Lockett, Gary Ablett Sr, Wayne Carey & When He was Shot Twice as an Armed Robbery Cop

| All , Sport
iain findlay little fish podcast

Iain Findlay, the AFL’s Player Advocate for 40+ years shares inside stories from famous cases involving Tony Lockett, Garry Ablett Sr, Wayne Carey, and Barry Hall. He also recounts his experiences as an armed robbery cop, including being shot twice. Timestamps 00:56 The Dilemma4:06 Introducing Lain Findlay5:53 Heading to War8:28 Life as an Armed RobberyContinue Reading

From SKINS to Sports Technology: Jaimie Fuller on Anti-Doping, and Fighting Corruption in Elite Sports

| All , Business , Sport
jaimie fuller little fish podcast

Jaimie Fuller, former Executive Chairman of sportswear brand SKINS and Chairman and co-founder of sports technology company eo, joins us to discuss his activism against doping, corruption, and homophobia in elite sports. Jamie shares his insights on improving the sporting landscape and promoting human rights. Timestamps 00:01:48 Back at the Meriton Suites00:02:48 Is Benny dying hisContinue Reading

The Power of Mental Fitness in Sports and Everyday Life with Michael Inglis from The Mind Room

| All , Lifestyle , Sport
the mind room little fish podcast

Michael Inglis, a co-founder of The Mind Room, discusses the power of sports psychology and mental fitness in unlocking peak performance in sports, business and everyday life. Timestamps 00:01:15 Training for marathon00:05:00 Welcome to Michael Inglis00:07:15 Where did it all begin?00:08:45 Why did you get into the space?00:10:15 Same approach to different people00:11:25 Why did youContinue Reading

150 Marathons in 150 Days: The Incredible Feat of Record-Breaker Erchana Murray-Bartlett

| All , Lifestyle , Sport
erchana murray bartlett little fish podcast

Erchana Murray-Bartlett just completed an extortionary feat, completing 150 marathons in 150 days running to smash the world record. She shares how and why she did it and what’s next. Incredible. Timestamps 02:04 Mr Medidate and the team06:03 Welcoming today’s guest Erchana09:14 The recovery process00:10:06 About Erchana and sports00:11:46 Introduction to running00:13:25 What made ErchanaContinue Reading

Nathan Buckley: Life & Business Lessons from an AFL Legend

Nathan Buckley is considered one of the best AFL players of all time and a Collingwood Football Club legend. We discuss footy and his philosophy on life and business. Timestamps 02:14 Introducing Nathan Buckley04:30 Accolades, and The Best Representation of Who Nathan Buckley Is05:20 Nathan’s Upbringing and Parent’s Influence10:00 Differences Between Generations and Parenting Approaches11:15Continue Reading

John Bertrand on Winning the 1983 America’s Cup and Breaking Sports Longest Ever Winning Streak

| All , Business , Sport
john bertrand little fish podcast

John Bertrand is a living Australian legend. He skippered Australia II to victory at the 1983 America’s Cup breaking America’s 132-year winning streak – the longest-running sporting streak in modern history. He shares that journey and his since, including a stint as Swimming Australia President when his country needed him most. Timestamps 06.31 Start of yourContinue Reading

Dan Ryan on Coaching West Coast Fever to its First Premiership after Losing Twenty-Seven Straight

| All , Business , Sport
dan ryan little fish podcast

Dan Ryan is a celebrated Aussie netball player, coach, sports journalist, and broadcaster. He shares his crazy ride from losing 27 straight games at Manchester Thunder to coaching West Coast Fever to its first-ever premiership. We talk leadership, taking risks, belief, passion and all that good stuff we love on the podcast. Timestamps 8:38 Dan’sContinue Reading

Earl Eddings on Running Cricket Australia, Managing Risk & Buying and Selling Businesses

| All , Business , Sport
earl eddings little fish podcast

Earl Eddings was the Director of Cricket Australia for a whopping 13 years before stepping up as Chair in the wake of the famous sandpaper gate scandal of 2018. He shares this experience and his experience buying and selling successful businesses over many years. Timestamps 5:20 Earl’s early days9:09 Earl’s impact10:30 Selling/ buying business14:34 JoiningContinue Reading

Kelly Cartwright on Losing Her Leg to Cancer at 15 to Breaking World Records and Winning Paralympic Gold

| All , Influencer , Sport
kelly cartwright little fish podcast

This week on the Little Fish Podcast we have Kelly Cartwright, a multi-world recording-breaking athlete and Paralympic Gold and Silver medallist. She shares her journey from being diagnosed with rare cancer resulting in having her leg amputated at 15. It’s an incredible story of resilience, family, community, and country. And she is a superstar mumContinue Reading

Michael Ramsey on Building the Number One F45 Studio on the Planet & How Strong Pilates is Now Taking Over

michael ramsey litle fish podcast

This week on the podcast, we have Michael Ramsey. He was the franchise owner of the number one F45 studio on the planet and is Co-Founder and CEO of the world’s fastest-growing Pilates studio, Strong Pilates. Timestamps 5:07 Getting our heads around pilates6:07 Who is Ramsay?7:00 Innate Entrepreneurship8:21 Nightclubs to F4512:34 Getting F45 off theContinue Reading