Little Fish Privacy Policy

Herein you will find Little Fish Property Developments’ (ABN 51 620 519 940) Privacy Policy and details of how and why Little Fish will collect, store and utilise your personal information.

Little Fish values the privacy of all our clients and people that we work with, as well as the rights and privacy of anyone visiting our website. We are absolutely dedicated to complying with all relevant legislation, including the Privacy Act (1988) and the Australian Privacy Principles. We will expend every effort to protect your personal information and data.

This information is free to access and is open to anyone to read.

Why We Collect and Store Your Personal Information

Little Fish will collect personal information in order to assist us in providing our products and services, keeping you up to date about them, complying with our legal and contractual obligations, running competitions and other advertising activities. We store personal information when responding to enquiries and providing information about our products and services.

We need your data to carry out these business activities. We may use your personal data for these purposes mentioned above, or for other reasons listed on the collection statement. We will always make clear the way we intend to use your information when and if we collect it.

We store all your personal information securely and either in a locked cabinet or on a password-protected drive.

How Will Little Fish Collect Your Information?

Little Fish might collect your personal data and information face to face, via our website, social media presence, phone conversations and via website forms.

We get information from our contractors or other people that provide products and services to assist us in carrying out our business. This information is generally obtained to assist us in obtaining these products or services.

What data does Little Fish collect?

We will collect different types of personal information that are needed to assist us in providing our business offerings and keeping our clients and other stakeholders up to date.

This includes data like your name, phone number, DOB, email, residential and business addresses and other information. This is to assist us in managing our relationships. We may also collect data for market research purposes, such as your hobbies, interests, experiences, profession and other personal information.

For more detailed purposes, Little Fish might collect financial and banking information, loan guarantor or next of kin contact details. This is when and if we assist our clients’ with financing their property development. We may also collect information about your work status, trading history or information about any businesses or companies (or other related entities) you have dealings with.

How will Little Fish use personal information? To who and when will it be disclosed?

Little Fish might use your personal information for the main reason it was collected for. This is the purpose specified in the privacy collection statement. For example, when we take details via a website form. Generally, this will be so we can contact you and maintain accurate records.

By giving us your personal information, you consent to Little Fish:

  1. providing you with our service
  2. undertake our dealings with you;
  3. monitor digital activity on our website(s)
  4. Deal with to a threat to an individual’s life or to the public’s wellbeing
  5. manage our relationship with you;
  6. improve and add to Little Fish’s products and services; or
  7. where required or authorised by law.

Little Fish may also disclose personal information:

  1. a) to other companies contracted by us to provide services, including ICT services, in order to process payment information, and perform other necessary business tasks
  2. b) to other entities authorised by you to receive data held by Little Fish

Will you receive any direct sales or marketing content from us?

When you give Little Fish your contact details and you agree to receiving communication from us, we may send you materials directly related to our service offering. This includes but is not limited to emails, text messages and phone calls. We will never sell or pass on your personal information to any third party for marketing purposes. You can opt-out at any time of receiving marketing materials.

Will your information be sent overseas?

Little Fish stores all data in Australia, and we are committed to not storing any personal information outside the country. When and if we do, we will notify you.

Can you retrieve your personal information from us?

You have a legal right to retrieve your information, and we are obliged to correct any error in the collection of your data. There are some limitations, as outlined in the relevant legislation.

The legislation contains some circumstances when Little Fish does not have to allow this access. If you do request your information, we may give you access in a way permitted under law. To keep safe personal data held by Little Fish, you may be asked to confirm your identity before we grant you access to this information. An application to access your data may take some time to process and retrieve.

Little Fish encourages our clients and other stakeholders to ensure we have accurate, complete and current data about you. You may always correct any errors or even request that we delete some or all of your information.

Does Little Fish use and store ‘cookies’?

Yes, we do. When you access our website or our dedicated project portal, we and/or the companies we use for information technology services (including domain hosts) may obtain information from you using technology such as cookies, web beacons, pixels, tags and other navigational data information. We do this to better understand your user experience and improve our digital presence. For instance, Little Fish or our IT providers may store information like the time, date and duration of your visit, the type of device used to access our webpages and the browser used.

This information is usually not linked to your identity, except in cases where you have identified yourself, such as by completing a web form or messaging us on social media.

How can you complain about privacy policy breaches at Little Fish?

While Little Fish is committed to protecting and storing your personal information securely, there may be an instance where you have a complaint about a breach. Please contact us directly to discuss this. We review all enquiries about breaches and respond in a timely manner.

Will this Privacy Policy change ever?

Little Fish may make changes or amendments to our Privacy Policy. This webpage will always have the most current Privacy Policy. If you can read it now, it is current.

Whom can you contact about your personal information at Little Fish?

To contact us about your anything mentioned here email: info[at]

You can also write to us at: Suite 3, 132 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe 3079

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