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Don’t fall for the hype.

Builders across Australia will carry on about how cheap they can build or deliver your project. It sounds great, right?

But you can expect a huge number of hidden costs that builders won’t discuss initially so they can sting you with variations and soft development costs you won’t be aware of.

Little Fish has you prepared for every cost.

That means it’s important to have a big picture idea of not only build cost but all costs you can expect to encounter throughout your entire project lifecycle.

This immediately means less surprises, less headaches, and more profit.

We’re a full-service property development project manager that offer unparalleled transparency and value every step of the way.

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Our Network






millions spent

Leverage Our Economies of Scale

For each project, we partner with a close network of industry experts established over many (many) years.

We know exactly how much things should cost and how long they should take. We get wholesale rates from all of our suppliers and preferential service meaning we can get your project done faster and cheaper than you can if you did it yourself.

Stay Connected

Get 100% Transparency During Your Project Using Our Custom Client Portal

Our unique software keeps you informed – and us accountable during your development project. Log in from your device to access the projects most important files, interactive chat, live cost sheets, the projects scoreboard and the latest photos and updates from out onsite.

You can be an ‘arm-chair developer’ and enjoy watching your project come together, step by step.

There’s no obligation to check it, if you don’t want to. You have the option of knowing as much or as little as you like. You can ‘set and forget’ and only check in when you feel the need – or get daily updates – the choice is yours!

Flexibility and Protection

Offering Certainty in an Uncertain Market and in Uncertain Times

In a market where build cost, property prices and interest rates are fluctuating don’t get locked into a builder prior to getting your council approval.

Here at Little Fish we offer full flexibility and protection to our clients by offering a fixed project management fee that is broken up into key project milestones with clear deliverables that need to be met prior to payment.

At no point are you ever locked in to the agreement, you can pause or cancel at any time. It’s completely transparent – the best part, you own all of your drawings and documentation so
you can take it with you at any time for any or no reason all.

Don’t get caught with your pants down!

project manager certainty

Case Studies

Proof! Take a look at the Results We’ve Achieved for Our Clients

262 Waterdale Road Ivanhoe

Three townhouse corner block, east-west orientation, 680 sqm and the total duration was 27 months.


Return on investment


Return on equity 50/50 split


NET profit

14 Wilmoth Avenue Carnegie

Side by side dual occupancy, east-west orientation, 561sqm approx. The total duration of the project was 24 months.


Return on investment


Return on equity 50/50 split


NET profit

16 Elimatta Road Carnegie

Side by side dual occupancy, east-west orientation, 669sqm approx. The total duration of the project was 26 months


Return on investment


Return on equity 50/50 split


NET profit

47 Reed Street Spotswood

Three-townhouse corner site. North south orientation. 584sqm approx. The total duration of the project was 30 months


Return on investment


Return on equity 50/50 split


NET profit



The Process

This is How it Works

  • Discovery

    You sign up for a free consultation where we gather a deep understanding of your site and your development goals.

  • Plan

    Our specialist team will detail and share proposed development strategy. Working together with you to ensure all of your
    goals are met.

  • Onboarding

    Our project team will onboard your project into the Little Fish ecosystem within seven days.

  • Execution

    Our expert project management team will begin work immediately to deliver your project.

Don't Just Take Our Word

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Any Questions

Property Development Questions

How can we get your project done cheaper, including our PM fee?

Partnering with us means you’ll pay wholesale not just for your builder but for all the service providers you’ll require to complete your project. There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, we know precisely how much things cost and how long they take. We can sniff out someone trying to sting our clients, at which point they would lose our business.

Secondly, we provide a constant stream of work to our builders, and this volume gives us buying power. As a result, they value our relationship and even rely on us. If you approach builders direct with your one-off project, they will charge you a hefty premium.

This is because you have no relationship or history with them. The difference between retail and wholesale for these townhouse constructions can be well over tens of thousands – or more.

How can we get your project done faster?

We have built a machine that has systemised the townhouse development process down to a fine art. This, partnered with our experience, knowledge, networks, know-how and an incredible team of professionals, has us in the box set to deliver projects on both time and budget. Managing these projects is a full-time job which is exactly how we treat them.

How long will my project take from engaging Little Fish until completion?

All projects will be different, but you can put a circle around 20-22 months as a general rule. Half of the time will be for the planning stage, so completing your designs and working losely with the council until you get the approvals you need.

The other half will be the demolition and build. It can, of course, go north or south of that depending on the project but for typical smaller townhouse developments in Melbourne, that 20-22 months is going to be close.

Why would I use Little Fish instead of going directly to an independent builder?

Builders are experts at charging, particularly if you don’t know what you are doing. You’ll learn quickly that fixed doesn’t necessarily mean fixed. Doing a once-off development with a builder carries development risk.

The most significant danger here is what is known as variations. These are changes to the project plan and build. Builders love variations because they charge more (on top of the contract) for them.

They are also experts at finding variations in even the most straightforward builds. Even if you think you’ve signed a “fixed price” contract with a price you’re satisfied with, you’ll be hit with variation changes. These can be significant and add up. We’ve seen it all here at Little Fish; nothing gets past us. We are eagle-eyed in our work. We make sure that all the paperwork is watertight.

When we put a project out to tender, we make sure that the builders are pricing down the line. Apples are priced as apples for us, not as avocados. When it’s all said and done, our efficiencies and cost-saving measures mean more profit for you.

Why would I use Little Fish over volume builders such as Metricon, Carter Grange etc.?

Volume builders are retail builders; we operate on the wholesale end of the market. They also lock you into a base contract from the outset. We have no lock-in contract; you can walk away from us at any time and for any reason or no reason at all – this holds us accountable and means we must deliver at each stage of the project. Another drawback is their lack of flexibility.

For example, they have specific designs that work on certain block dimensions and shapes. They will either work on your lot, or they won’t. Every site is different and deserves more than a one site fits all approach. Even if they do work, these guys are big business. You will become one of many clients. You won’t get the personal touch that we offer. While they undoubtedly do their job very well – execute a build to design, they are focused on squeezing clients for as much money as possible at every turn – their charging structure relies heavily on you making changes and upgrades.

They count on you changing your mind and wanting more and better. Every time you add something or make a pivot mid-project, it will cost you. So, for them, it is all about turnover and volume. It’s a numbers game, pure and simple. For us, we charge a fixed fee, so it’s about relationships and delivering successful projects and positive experiences.

Why do I need a project manager?

In this game, every day has a dollar value attached. Delays, disputes, and variations all cost money. Come up against enough of them, and you can lose money as fast as you can make it. ou can wind up paying less for your build and having a smoother experience if you leverage professional development management services such as the ones we offer here at Little Fish.

Our entire business model is designed so that our only interests are our clients interests, builders are looking to increase their bottom line at every turn. At Little Fish, we are what is known as “client-side development project managers”. This means that the core of our business is managing the entire development process for our clients and investors. The build itself is a complicated event with many variables. However, we know how long all this should take, from the front-end planning through to approvals and the construction itself.

Lastly, we do all the heavy lifting for our clients. For example, we manage all the street side services; we take care of all the subdivision requirements and facilitate the registration of the new titles. Each is critical to the process and come with their intricacies and complications.

Once-off developers don’t have the knowledge and resources to manage all of this. This either leaves these tasks on the builder, who will charge more, or it lands in the developer’s lap and results in slowing the project down. When builders work with Little Fish, all they need to do is focus on the build. And when clients and investors partner with Little Fish, they get to sit back and enjoy the ride. Everything else is our domain.

How much will it cost to get my planning permit?

The actual costs will always be fluid relevant to the project, but to give you a general idea, the soft costs that you will need to pay to get your planning permit include; surveyor 2,800, drafting 10,000, town planner 3,000, PM fee (stage 1) 20,000. Total: 34,800 approx. These are general estimates to be used as a reference only.

How long will it take to get my planning permit?

As a general rule, and, depending on your specific project, its complexity and municipality etc., you can assume somewhere between 8 and 10 months.

How and when do I go to the bank to get my construction loan?

Once you achieve your planning permit approval, we can complete your working documentation and run the builder tender process. Once you appoint a builder, you then take the build contract to your bank along with other relevant documentation to secure your construction finance – something we will also guide you through.


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You might have the confidence to complete a project on your own, but you are still much better off using our done-for-you service. Experienced developers understand that there is still a lot of risk and stress involved,

We take this away for you so you can kick back while we manage the entire project on your behalf. The hardest thing you’ll need to do is decide what you’ll spend the spoils on.