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Have you wondered about property developers in Brighton East? You might be wondering why someone would develop property in Brighton East.

Or you may be considering building a dual occupancy in Brighton East yourself. As an aspiring property developer, location is incredibly important. This helpful article will explain why Brighton East is a choice location for a property developer

But why would you want to build a dual occupancy? You’d want to do this in Brighton East for a few reasons. First of all, it can be an excellent way to maximise the value of your land.

Two dwellings will always sell for more combined than a single lot. 

For others, dual occupancy is a great way to downsize and retain a separate property as an investment. Passive rental income is never something to be sneezed at.

Others may want to live closer to family, so they build a dual occupancy to live in one dwelling and move their elderly parents or relatives next door. 

Therefore, building a dual occupancy development in Brighton East is an excellent idea.

In this helpful article, we’ll detail some of the reasons you may want to build in this suburb. By the end, you’ll be a local expert on all things Brighton East.

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1. House and Land Values

One main reason to develop in Brighton East is that the house values are simply through the roof. 

median townhouse price brighton east

The average house price in this suburb is 2.26 million. Granted, that is for a standalone house, but the townhouse and unit prices are also comparable. For instance, the unit prices are nudging a million. 

If you were to develop and sell two or more units in this suburb, you would look at a tidy profit after out-of-pocket expenses.

For instance, you could probably see a few hundred thousand dollars or more profit from a dual occupancy subdivision in Brighton East.

2. High Rental Yields

Another reason to build a dual occupancy in Brighton East is that the rental yields are pretty high. For instance, if you wanted to live in one of the homes and rent out another, you could be looking at a steady passive rental income stream. Making money while you sleep is always an excellent strategy.

rental yields brighton east

For instance, the average rental yield for a three-bedroom townhouse in Brighton East is $665 weekly. That’s $34,580 a year in passive income. Over ten years, you’ve made $345,800.

Due to the factors we’ll discuss now, the suburb is also in demand from renters of all lifestyles. 

3. Local Parkland Nearby

Are you seeing why property developers Brighton East chose this suburb to design and launch dual occupancy projects? 

Brighton East has a variety of local parks of varying sizes and with different amenities on offer. The highlight of these is Dendy Park. The Dendy playground is an excellent spot for the kids; they’re guaranteed to have some fun there. 

brighton east parks

Whether it’s taking the baby for a walk, taking the kids out to play, walking the dog, exercising, or enjoying a picnic in the park in Brighton East, you’re spoiled for choice. 

The other parks are Victory Park and Hurlingham Park. While smaller than Dendy Park, they still offer lovely green space for relaxing and enjoying, particularly in the summer. 

4. The Public Golf Course

East Brighton benefits from being located close to the Brighton Public Golf Course. Golf can be a great way to relax and exercise as you walk from hole to hole, enjoy friendly competitive play and bond with your friends.

brighton east golf

This makes living or renting in Brighton East appealing. Anyone can use the golf course; you must pay a modest booking fee. 

It is an eighteen-hole course with a short and tricky front nine leading to a more challenging inward nine holes. Its narrow fairways and small greens will test even the most experienced golfer. 

By developing in Brighton East, you’re taking advantage of the position of the golf course, which will entice buyers. And if you retain one property to live in, you can also take advantage of the public course. 

5. Close to Public and Prestige Schools

Let’s keep learning why property developers in Brighton East target this suburb. 

st leondards brighton east

There are several schools in Brighton, both public and prestigious or private. The proximity of schools and their quality is something that home buyers and renters both consider when contemplating a move to a suburb.

With schools in close proximity, developing in Brighton East makes sense because families looking to live or buy there will consider this. For some, it’s their top priority.

In terms of public schools, there is Brighton Primary and Brighton Secondary. Both are quality schools that deliver the national curriculum and are located in central locations.

However, what is worth considering is the private schools in the area. With the house and unit values being so high, as we mentioned above, there is a high probability that anyone buying or renting in Brighton East will want to send their children to private school.

Brighton is home to St. Leonards College and the Brighton Campus of Trinity College. Both are prestigious, independent schools that deliver an excellent education to children.

This is a significant drawcard and is yet another reason why building a dual occupancy in Brighton East makes sense.

6. Close to Local Amenities and Shops

Another reason why property developers in Melbourne may want to consider building a dual occupancy in Brighton East is because it is close to the local amenities and shops.

The Brighton town centre and Church Street shops are bustling retail and specialty business hubs. 

brighton shops

For instance, the White Rabbit restaurant offers delectable Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. There are several cafes where you can get your caffeine fix or all-day breakfast.

The strip also offers high-end retail, mainly targeted at affluent women. This is another major drawcard for a property developer looking to sell high-value units.

Furthermore, there are a number of different medical businesses in this area, including GP practices, dental and other allied health. Again, this is another reason why a property development in Brighton East is a no-brainer. 

7. Close to the Sandringham Yacht Club 

Another reason why property developers Brighton East choose this area is the proximity to the Sandringham Yacht Club

sandringham yacht club

Again, think about the target market of unit buyers in the area. We are talking about wealthy, affluent people with disposable income

disposable income explained

Suppose they can afford the high property values. In that case, chances are they live a lifestyle where owning a yacht is not outside the realms of possibility.

In this case, the nearby Sandringham Yacht Club is a major drawcard for buyers. They can store their yacht there and launch from the berth.

The club also offers social connections and puts on events for members, including live music.

The club runs regular sailing activities and hosts sailing regatta events. It also has a restaurant that offers lovely dining with a view across Port Phillip Bay.

The members’ lounge and bar are great places to grab a drink and relax. 

8. Proximity to the Beach

The final reason we’ll share why building a dual occupancy in Brighton East makes sense for property developers is that the suburb is once removed from the beachside.

brighton beaches

Brighton itself is a beachside suburb, and the beach is incredible. With golden sand and clean water, it is a prime location. 

Never underestimate the draw of a suburb that is close to the beach. Again, wealthy home buyers will prefer a beachside location due to its lifestyle. 

In summer, people flock to Brighton Beach to swim, sunbathe, and enjoy time with their friends and family. It gets pretty crowded due to its popularity. 

This is another excellent reason why property developers in Brighton East develop in this suburb. Families and young, affluent singles want to visit the beach to frolic and enjoy the water and sun. 


In this helpful article, we’ve shared why building a dual occupancy project in Brighton East makes complete sense. 

The high property values and high rental yields are excellent reasons from a financial standpoint. The local amenities, parks, shops and beaches are a significant drawcard for home buyers, particularly wealthy ones. 

As an in-demand suburb, it’s easy to see why developing here is smart.

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