Interior Design and Property Development With Dani Wales and Ashlee Moyle

by Peter Kelly | All, Design
interior design property development

[callout]Below is the transcript from Petes chat on all things interior design and property development with Dani Wales and Ashlee Moyle from over at Red Door Project.[/callout] Thanks for coming in today Ladies, to talk to us about Interior Design and the benefits and value that interior design brings to property development projects. So, ladies,Read More

Residential Development Process – 6 Simple Stages

by Peter Kelly | All, Developer Insights
residential development process

Have you ever wondered about the residential development process and what specific stages are involved? If that’s a big fat yes. Then keep reading, because in this article I’m going to breakdown our own internal six-stage development process that we push our projects through daily – like clockwork. I’ll share what’s involved to complete eachRead More

8 Mistakes Major Real Estate Developers Don’t Make and How to Avoid Them

by Peter Kelly | All, Risk
major real estate developers melbourne

For many years the average Australian household has focused on accumulating wealth either through savings or investments. Usually in the residential real estate market. And while many investors have indeed become wealthy through owning rental properties. The real profit lies in the wholesale end of the real estate market spectrum with the residential property developers.Read More

4 Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Identifying a Residential Development Site

by Peter Kelly | All, Risk
residential development site

Have you ever wanted to know exactly what you need to consider when identifying a residential development site to avoid negatively impacting the outcome of your project? Awesome, because in this article I’m going to share four of the most common mistakes beginner property developers (and even experienced property developers if they aren’t on theirRead More

Risk Management in Property Development – What You Need to Know

by Peter Kelly | All, Risk
risk management in property development

Risk management in property development is important. For sure, developing residential property can be a great way to generate some serious amounts of wealth. If you do it successfully, you can essentially create large amounts of equity, almost out of thin air. Sometimes two plus two can equal five, that’s how aggressive it can compoundRead More

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