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Our property development management services will give you a better outcome, make you more money and you’ll see your money faster.

Whether you already own an existing property or block of land or you are looking to buy and develop in Melbourne – we can help.

We manage every last detail for you to remove the stress and minimise your risk, taking care of the entire development process for you from beginning to end.

Property development management services is what we live and breathe. It’s what we do, and we do it well.

You can sit back and relax as we organise your finance, town planning, demolition, architectural drawings, build the developments, sell the properties if required – and everything in between.

We know how to maximise land value through intelligent design. And we know the types of dwellings that make the most profit.

While you may be capable of completing the project – you’d be figuring it all out on the go which is risky business. As seasoned residential property developers Melbourne I can tell you it is a high stakes game where even small mistakes can have big consequences. Our expertise ensures mitigating risk, faster project delivery time, and of course massive cost savings.

We’re sticklers for detail, we know exactly how long things should take and how much they should cost. Plus, due to the volume of work we do where you would pay retail, we pay less than wholesale. We pass those savings onto you.

Development management fees

At Little Fish we keep it very simple, our development management fee is based on the projects estimated build price and is broken up into key project milestones with clear project deliverables that need to be met before payment is required.

As Melbourne’s leading property development consultants and project managers, we understand that no two projects are the same. That’s why we tailor our property development management services to suit the specific needs of your project from go to whoa.

Development management services

Site acquisition

We identify and present you with highly sought-after residential development opportunities.

Site feasibility studies

We offer complete, detailed site- specific forecasting and estimating for the entire development process, from inception to completion.


We conduct site-specific risk analysis with consideration for local planning requirements, limitations, and environmental factors.

Highest and best use analysis

We complete in-depth market and project research to determine the best use of your development site, ensuring maximum ROI.


We procure all the service providers, vendors, suppliers and contractors required to complete the project to the highest standard via our extensive network.

Project funding

We leverage our knowledge, experience and networks within the development funding space to help you to realise your project.

Design management

We assist in managing the entire design process, from the initial concept and preliminary drawings through to the eventual construction drawings, energy reports and engineering.

Construction management

We assist in managing the entire design process, from the initial concept and preliminary drawings through to the eventual construction drawings, energy reports and engineering.

Plan of sub division

We manage this process throughout the duration of the project to ensure a seamless and timely sub-division approval.

Service management

We manage all service requirements and works, including power, water, gas, NBN and telecommunications.


We design and execute innovative and effective marketing strategies targeted to specific audiences.


property developers alice spriggs

“In the end it really allowed us to maximise our returns, and we’ve done a lot better than expected in the process”

Alice Spriggs - Williamstown
scott gordon property developer

“The feasibility was set around 14% on project, by the end of the project it wound up in the region of 30% and it wasn’t all market growth – it was an amazing result for us”

Scott Gordon - Carnegie
residential property developer melbourne

“We had prices that were considerably higher than we first anticipated with building costs at 2.3-2.4 million dollars, we recently signed the contract at 1.9 million without changing the fabric of what we were trying to achieve. We have no hesitations recommending Little Fish.”

Matt Bracken & Andrew Hall – Hawthorn East
residential property developers melbourne

“Little Fish over achieved on the first development which has lead to me referring other clients to them over the journey. Their project management style and pricing has actually saved us money over that journey which is a nice way to say that your project manager hasn’t cost you anything.”

Robert Rushford – Rushford & Mathison Advisory
residential developers

“Whether you are looking to purchase a property off the plan or you are looking to do a project that Little Fish can help and guide you through I don’t think you’ll find a better company out there to make it happen for you.”

Dean Stanley – Sweeney
alice spriggs developer
residential developers

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We keep you connected.

You’ll get access to our custom built 24/7 client portal which gives you 100% transparency about the progress of your development.

  • Access your personal portal 24/7
  • Follow along as much or as little as you like
  • Setup phone and email notifications
  • View the latest plans
  • View up to date financials
  • Access important legal documents
  • Keep score in relation to time and budget
  • Enjoy the interactive chat where we share regular real-time updates

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