If you’re about to jump in and become a residential property developer then you need to understand what property development risks are involved.

These risks are your biggest enemy as your own developments project manager.

This blog category curates practical tips and advice on how you can mitigate and manage your own development risk.

You’ll learn about risk management in property development as it relates to real estate development risk.

Knowledge is not only power, it’s also money so make sure you put the time and effort into learning about risk. It’s a non-negotiable.

Home Building Contract – 3 Things You Must Know for Your Townhouse Development Project

by Peter Kelly | All, Building, Developer Insights, Risk
home building contract

Are you about to undertake the building contract stage of your residential townhouse development project but are unsure how home-building contracts work? Well, stick around because, in this article, I will break down the types of contracts and precisely what you should be looking out for. Let’s get into it. When discussing build contracts here in Victoria, before we get stuckContinue Reading

Relocating Power Poles, Speed Humps and Bus Stops – Property Developer Explains

by Peter Kelly | All, Developer Insights, Risk
relocating power poles

Are you considering a residential development site but have concerns with relocating a power pole, speed hump or bus stop?  Well, stick around because, in this article, I’m going to share everything you need to know and exactly what you need to be looking out for. Let’s get into it. When undertaking due diligence on a potential townhouse development site,Continue Reading

8 Mistakes Major Real Estate Developers Don’t Make and How to Avoid Them

by Peter Kelly | All, Risk
major real estate developers melbourne

For many years the average Australian household has focused on accumulating wealth either through savings or investments. Usually in the residential real estate market. And while many investors have indeed become wealthy through owning rental properties. The real profit lies in the wholesale end of the real estate market spectrum with the residential property developers.Continue Reading

Risk Management in Property Development – What You Need to Know

by Peter Kelly | All, Risk
risk management in property development

Risk management in property development is important. For sure, developing residential property can be a great way to generate some serious amounts of wealth. If you do it successfully, you can essentially create large amounts of equity, almost out of thin air. Sometimes two plus two can equal five, that’s how aggressive it can compoundContinue Reading