This week Pete chats property investment with Bryce Holdaway, famed host of The Property Couch, about the landscape of property investment in Melbourne for 2024. They discuss the nuances of passive and active development strategies, effective property investment tactics, and the real opportunities to buy properties in the upcoming year. 

With a close look at insightful data and predictions for 2024, they tackle the common misconceptions influenced by recent headlines and critically examine whether property remains a solid investment in 2024. Tune in for actionable advice and forward-thinking analysis to navigate the property market with confidence.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:41 – The Property Couch on the Pod
02:53 – Property Perspectives: Interest Rates, Stocks, and Immigration
03:35 – Impact of Immigration on Australian Property
05:02 – Interest Rates Shift: What It Means for Property
09:08 – Investing in Townhouse Development: Is It the Right Time?
13:52 – Bryce’s Development Story: Valuable Life Lessons
16:12 – Investing Wisely: Paying with Time or Money?
20:13 – Future Focus
20:54 – Key Insights and Takeaways

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