Pete, Gav, and Claire are back with some proven feasibility hacks that will help maximise property development profits! Gav explores a front-to-back development site in Rosanna, VIC, while Claire optimises floor plans for 5 Gilbert Grove, focusing on market knowledge and site orientation.

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00:00 – What’s In Store This Week?
01:01 – Site Insiders
03:37 – Spotlight: 10 Milford Grove, Rosanna, VIC
03:48 – Landchecker: Green Flags to Look For
07:14 – Front to Back Development
09:47 – Feasibility Studies – Prove Feasibility Hacks
11:35 – Crunching the Costs
13:35 – ROI Insights
14:35 – Project Snapshot
14:58 – Doing Your Research, Knowing Your Market
17:52 – 5 Gilbert Grove, Carnegie, VIC: Floor Plans
28:26 – Upstairs Plans
29:59 – Lessons Learned
31:30 – Optimising Site Orientation
33:21 – Outro

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