This week, Quick as Thieves, Achilles Melbourne, and the boys are running for a cause—restoring sight worldwide with the Fred Hollows Foundation. Tune in for live marathon madness and see how community power fuels real change.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:30 – Fred Hollows x Quick as Thieves
04:15 – Runner’s High
07:20 – Little Fish Run Club
08:08 – Lana Barker
11:11 – Audiojack
13:29 – Marathon Logistics
15:21 – The Boys on the Couch
17:27 – Adam Norris: Mami Music
20:55 – Will: AlphaTheta
24:29 – Little Fish Run Club Champs
25:41 – Matt McNeil
29:01 – Cooper Smith and Jason Vaux
32:17 – Jay Bonello
35:12 – 100km on Foot!
37:54 – Mic Cameron
42:37 – Outro


We’re excited to share a special podcast episode highlighting an extraordinary event led by Mike Toner and the Quick as Thieves team alongside the incredible Achilles Melbourne guides.

This collaboration showcased remarkable dedication and community spirit, supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation’s mission to restore eyesight worldwide.

Thank you, Mike and the Quick as Thieves team, for allowing us to be part of this meaningful journey. Tune in to hear the powerful stories from the event and get a glimpse of the ongoing impact.

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