Pete is back with rapid property development tips! This week, Guru Gav shares the crucial role of due diligence and strategic insights from leveraging Land Checker for your next property development site. Claire delineates the stunning plans for 17 Mckinnon Road, Mckinnon, VIC, set for completion in an impressive 21 months from purchase. Don’t miss out on saving money – tune in now.

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00:00 – Episode Overview
00:30 – Site Insiders
01:04 – Highett’s Hidden Gem: Exploring 1 Dorothea Street, Highett Vic 3190
01:30 – The Importance of Due Diligence
01:58 – Land Checker
12:25 – Site Insiders Wrapped Up
13:35 – Feasibility Study: Unlocking the Potential of Projects
17:16 – Project Snapshot Overview
18:40 – 71 Mckinnon Road Mckinnon, VIC 3204
24:13 – Design Dreams: The First Round of Plans Unveiled
31:14 – Upstairs Floor Plan
34:48 – Final Plans
43:17 – Second Story Floor Plans
46:06 – House Façades
48:46 – Project Snapshot Summary
49:51 – See You Next Thursday!

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