As developers in Melbourne it is your job to understand real estate development street side services. You need to understand when to co-ordinate the connections with the relevant service providers and your builder.

In this article, I am going to break down the street side services you need to be on top off. I’ll also share some insights and tips as far as what to do and when.

When talking street side services, I’m referring to your telecommunications, NBN, plumbing tap-in and power pits if required. These are the things you’ll need to engage third parties and manage at different stages of the project.

The key is to ensure the required street side works happen when they’re supposed too. They need to be completed timely.

When subdividing property you can’t afford for them to slow down your builder or the process of subdividing your land towards the end of the project.

Not sure if you can subdivide your property? Go here.

Before I breakdown each of the services, you need to consider I want to make a quick disclaimer.

The information I’m sharing in this article is general information. It’s information from our experience here at Little Fish to get you heading in the right direction.

You need to do your own research on exactly what is required in your local area on your specific multi-unit development. First up;

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1. Telecommunications

Depending on your location it’s going to include your NBN/internet connection. At Little Fish, we engage a specialised contractor to perform the works.

telecommunication connections

The key reason for a specialised contractor is because they can provide the correct paperwork. They can prove the work has been completed correctly which then goes towards your plan of subdivision.

Generally, you would engage the contractor around the lockup stage. This allows plenty of time for the works to be completed and for the paperwork to be submitted.

It guarantees there won’t be any hold-ups to your plan of subdivision approval due to your telecommunications.

Side note – check out this trusty article on strata subdivision and dual occupancy projects. And clear up any confusion around strata plan vs plan of subdivision.

2. Plumbing Tap-in

As the developer doing a real estate development You need to apply and pay for your PIC number prior to construction commencement. This allows you to start your underground plumbing works.

real estate development

These underground works need to be completed at the beginning of the project. Your aim should be to complete the tap-in as early as possible.

Again to allow enough time for the relevant paperwork to be completed and submitted for your plan of subdivision.

It’s your job as the development project manager to work with the builder and water distributor to ensure all works are completed timely and all paperwork is completed and submitted as required.

3. Power Pits

In most cases, the existing power for a new real estate development will be overhead.

So you’ll be required to apply for a new pit to be added to your footpath out the front of your development so your new power can be run underground.

The new pit will have a power feed for your builder to connect your dwellings to. This is something can be done at any stage of the project.

For us here, at Little Fish, we like to get it done as early as possible so it’s sitting there ready for your builder

Power pits are often missed by first-time developers running due diligence and site feasibilities so make sure you are aware of them.

For a two-site, you would generally need the one pit but for three sites more often than not you’ll require a second pit.

These pits aren’t cheap, so you need to be aware of them and ensure your account for them properly.

That’s it, real estate development street side services in a nutshell.

Getting on top of these street-side services will go a long way to help you deliver a successful project.


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