In our next episode of the Podcast, Rebeka Morgan shares just how important it is to drive an emotional connection in the property game. She also shares her thoughts on balancing family and work life, as well as what working in property is like as a woman. 

Rebeka shares her real thoughts on owner-builders … you’re in for a surprise with this one! She also dives into the origins of BuildHer collective and shares her insights on getting the most out of a renovation or new build.

Get ready to walk away with plenty of takeaways from Rebeka who has been in the building industry for over 14 years.

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04:10 My pathway
05:39 There’s no place for mothers in construction
8:41 Balancing family and work
12:13 Bridging the knowledge gap in homebuilding
15:32 Our online course
19:01 Running a business as a couple
20:11 The origins of BuildHer collective
21:26 Managing client expectations
24:18 Owner-builders are the worst
30:49 The best way to find a builder
34:46 You can’t rely on the market to make you money
36:02 Dealing with the material shortage
42:11 Taste can be taught
45:58 Comparable sales
47:06 People buy with their emotions
52:46 It’s all about building communities
55:57 The value of giving free knowledge

Guest Intro

Now guys… Today’s guest… Is an entrepreneur at heart. A super successful business owner.

She is an author, educator, and podcast host.

And she is an all-around business savage that empowers women to build, develop & renovate property and achieve their goals! 

Give it up for Rebeka Morgan.

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