Welcome back, property developers! This week, we gleaned valuable lessons in townhouse development, such as identifying red flags in property development during due diligence at 15 Tottenham Street, Caulfield East, VIC. Pete and Claire tackle design challenges and put the finishing touches on construction plans for 1 Dorothea Street, Highett, VIC. Avoid costly mistakes and tune in!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:42 – Exploring 3 Bullish Areas in Melbourne, VIC
03:38 – 15 Tattenham Street, Caulfield East, VIC
06:20 – Let’s Get Into the Site!
10:10 – Identifying Red Flags on Property Sites
09:10 – It’s A Numbers Game
14:41 – Lessons in Townhouse Development
15:20 – Feasibility Studies
19:29 – Project Snapshot
25:50 – 1 Dorothea Street, Highett, VIC
28:16 – Reviewing Site Floor Plans
31:29 – Addressing Design Challenges
32:42 – Examining Upstairs Floor Plans
35:23 – Finalised Plans for Construction
43:28 – Breaking Ground on Our Exciting Journey
35:23 – Finalised Plans for Construction

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